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Quitting! All Items for sale! MWB, MFB, etc.! in Item Sales
katimersq (#15060)
(06-2-2012 at 8:36 PM)

Recent update:

As of now I am not on enough to hand out free items and thus will only be focusing on sales. I apologize for this, but I prefer to focus on sales.

I am sorry to have just disappeared for a while, but have come back to continue selling everything. Please note that if you contacted me and I never got back to you it was due to this. Please feel free to resend a message, etc. Thanks!

Yep, so I have been quite inactive on this site and cash is low, so... I am selling all items for USD. Paypal only. Please note I will also be holding an account sale for my main account: katimers in the account sales board. Also note most items will be sent from my main account until I get them all transferred here to my side. Patience if you ordered will be a wonderful thing as I am a little swamped with life right now. First come first serve unless an offer of higher value comes in.

A little wordy, but reading everything below should be worth it. :)

All orders must be sent to me through a PM, no scribbles or posting here if you are buying. Any other inquiries are fine to be posted here such as pricing, questions not answered, or descriptions to certain items.

Moving on, I have quite a build up of items. Most are not too great, but I also have a good number of special companions such as a peacock, raccoon, baby griffins, confused storks and other great items like a Magical Water Bowl, two Magical Food Bowls, Rainbow Cupcake Platter, Ultra Fancy Chocolate Cake, Custom Accessory Maker, and Soldier Helmets.

Sound good right? Well below I have included the items available, quantity, and suggested price. I will haggle and consider other offers.

Please note there are items marked FREE and those can be taken by anyone who wants them. I just want them gone, but will limit each user to 15 free items. If I know you have an established hoard and figure they'll end up in your hands eventually I'll send more to you. :) Please note that I will not update number of free items every time I give some away. Once they are gone I will put a slash through, but these are low on my priority.

Items marked FREE w/ purchase are available to those who bought something in USD. I will give these away based on total amount which will be based on dollar amounts. So, for example, if you bought $10.25 worth I'd allow you 10 items.

Some Deals for you will be right below this. I'll add more at some point. Deals:
*Spend more than $5 and I will send you some free items. Both FREE w/ purchase and $.10 items for free.

Items below will only be sold in USD. Price directly next to the item is the requested price for one unit. Feel free to haggle on any item. Listed Alphabetically. Use your computers search tool such as command F for Macs for easy searching as the list was around 11 pages in Word. I apologize for spelling mistakes.
List here:

10k Teddy x3- $.25
2nd Birthday Banner- $.25
A Stick x26- FREE
A.L.A.C. Vest x3- FREE w/ purchase
African Sunset Background x2- $1
After the Storm Background- FREE w/ purchase
Agate Collar- $1
Alaskan Wolf- $2
Albatross- $1
Alley Background x2- FREE w/ purchase
Alleyway Background x3- FREE w/ purchase
American Flag- $.50
Angel Wings x9- $.25
April 2012 Monthly Ultimate Bag- $5
Aquamarine Flower Crown- $.1
Aquarium Background x3- FREE w/ purchase
Arctic Wolf- $2
Armadillo Plush x2- $.10
Atlantic Puffin- $1
August 2012 Monthly Bag- $3
Aurora Borealis Background x5- $.25
Autofeeder x3- $7
Autumn Background x5- $1
Baby Griffin x2- $7
Baby Orca- $3
Back Garden- $.25
Backpack- FREE w/ purchase
Backyard Agility Background- FREE w/ purchase
Bag of Homemade Dog Biscuits- $1
Bagged Prize Goldfish x2- $1.50
Bambiraptor- $3
Bandana of Maturity x2- $3
Bandana of Youth x3- $3
Banded Rat- $3
Barn Owl- $3
Barn Owl Wings x2- $1
Barn Swallow- $2
Bathing Nebelung Cat- $2
Bathing Tuxedo Cat- $2
Beach Background x3- FREE w/ purchase
Beach Ball x2- FREE w/ purchase
Beautiful Demoiselle Dragonflies x7- FREE w/ purchase
Big Red Barn Background- $1
Black Angel Wings- $.50
Black Background x5- FREE
Black Cottonwood Seeds- $1
Black Dragon- $2
Black Face Lamb- $2
Black Husky Plush x2- $.25
Black Leather Spiked Collar x2- FREE w/ purchase
Black Looking Up Duck- $.25
Black Sitting Ducking- $.25
Black Standing Duckling x3- $.25
Black Striped Skunk- $2
Black Tipped Shark x2- $3
Black Unicorn Foal- $2
Black Widow Spiders- $.50
Blackout Background x3- FREE
Bleached Bones x2- $1
Bleeding Heart Dove x3- $.25
Blossoming Forest Background- $1
Blue Background x15- FREE
Blue Ball x2- FREE
Blue Bandana x4- FREE
Blue Christmas Tree x4- $.10
Blue Dragonlet- $.75
Blue Dye- FREE w/ Purchase
Blue Glow Necklace- $.50
Blue Northern Lights x4- FREE w/ Purchase
Blue Paw Print Food Bowl x5- FREE
Blue Paw Print Water Bowl x5- FREE
Blue Tailed Skink x2- FREE
Bowtie Bear Plush- $1
Box of Chocolates x2- $.25
Breaching Whales Background x2- $.50
Bright Rainbow x5- FREE
Bright Star x2- FREE
Bristle Brush x21- FREE
Brown Wolf Plush- $1
Bunny Ears x8- $.50
Burning Sun- $1
Cabin Porch Background x3- FREE w/ Purchase
Camp Fire x2- FREE w/ purchase
Candy Corn Plush x2- $.10
Candy Heart Plush x4- $.10
Cardinal Brach- $.10
Carnotaurus Toy- $1
Chain Collar- FREE
Cherub Wings- $.50
Chilly Path Background- $1
Chinese Dancing Fan- $1
Chinese Dragon Dye x2- FREE w/ purchase
Chocolate Bunny x9- $2
Chocolate Cream Egg x9- $2
Christmas Lights x3- $.10
Christmas Tree x5- $.10
Cl33n Slate x27- FREE
Clouds Background x19- FREE
Clown Costume- $1
Confused Stork x3- $6
Coral Reef Background- $1
Cornucopia x3- $.10
Cotton Candy- $.50
Counting Sheep Background- $2
Cow- $2
Cowboy Hat- $1
Crashing Waves x7- FREE
Creepy Jack-o-Lantern x4- $.10
Cthobster- $3
Cupid Puppy Plush x2- $.25
Custom Accessory Maker- $4
Dapper Tophat- $.50
Dark Grass x3- $.25
Dark Knight Armor- $1
Day Mountain- $.50
Day Mountain Background Pack x2- $1
Daylight Forest Background- $.25
Dead Toad x31- FREE
Deinonychus- $3
Dog Bed x4- FREE
Dog House- FREE
Dove Wings x6- $.25
Dreaming Sheep Background- $2
Dreamy Pond Background- $.50
Eagle Wings- $1
Easter Basket x5- FREE
Easter Bunny x11- $1
Easter Chicks x6- $.50
Easter Egg x9- $.25
Eerie Mountain x2- $.50
Egg Thief- $1
Elder Siamese Rat- $3
Emu- $2
English Cottage Background- $.75
Entire Ultra Fancy Chocolate Cake- $4
Evening Fog Background- FREE w/ purchase
Ferns- $.50
Fleas x3- $.10
Fleck Plush x4- $.10
Floating Hearts x3- $10
Flower Basket- $.25
Flower Pot x2- FREE
Flowery Rocks x3- $1
Flying Seagull- FREE w/ purchase
Forest Path Background x2- $1
Fossil Bed Background- $1
Frog Price- $.50
Front Doorstep- $.50
Full Koi Pond- $.50
Full Moon x6- FREE w/ purchase
Galah Parrot x2- $.10
Galapagos Penguin Plush x6- $.10
Galaxy Background- $.50
Garnet Icicle Necklace- $.10
Ghost Dog x2- $.10
Ghost Lanterns x5- $.10
Giant Squid- $3
Gingerbread Dog House x8- $.10
Gingerbread Man x6- $.10
Gnarled Tree- $1
Going Camping Background x5- FREE w/ purchase
Gold Dragonlet- $.75
Gold Earrings- FREE
Gold Tinsel x6- $.10
Goldbar Chinchilla x2- $.25
Golden Fallen Leaves x2- $.50
Golden Falling Leaves x5- $.50
Golden Heart Necklace x2- $.25
Golden Tiara x3- $.10
Graveyard Background- $.50
Great Pyramids Background- $.50
Green Background x7- FREE
Green Bandana x2- FREE
Green Peacock- $5
Green Santa Cape x4- $.25
Green Santa Hat x4- $.25
Halo x6- $.25
Hanukkah Dreidel- $.10
Hanukkah Menorah x3- $.10
Hanukkah Sash- $.25
Happy Hydrant Chew Toy- FREE w/ Purchase
Happy Tree Plush- $.25
Haunted Hill Background x4- $1
Heart Balloon x2- $.10
Heavy Snowfall x3- $.25
Hedge Pathway Background- $.25
Hidden Shrine- $1
High Reaches Background- FREE w/ Purchase
Holiday Bird x5- FREE w/ purchase
Holiday Scarf x7 FREE w/ purchase
Hooded Rat- $3
Horse Stable Background- $.50
Hospital IV- $.25
Hot Volcanic Rocks- $1
Human Skull x7- $.10
Hungarian Flag- $.50
Hydrothermal Vents- $1
Icicle Necklace- $.10
Interior Zeppelin Cabin Background- $1
Iris Pond Background x5- FREE w/ purchase
Jelly Beans x8- $1
Jingle Bell Anklets x5- $.10
Kitchen Window- $.50
Kitsune- $5
Lace Garter- $.50
Large Black Collar- FREE
Large Red Collar- FREE
Leather Lead x4- FREE
Lion Cub Plush- $15
Lion Dance Costume- $1
Little Brown Mouse x5- $.10
Little White Mouse x5- $.10
Love Birds x3- $.10
Love Teddy x5- $.10
Lovestruck Firefies x3- $.50
Lucky Horseshoe Toy- $3
Lycaena Helle Butterflies- $.75
Magical Dog Biscuit x2- $1
Magical Food Bowl x2- $15 or best offer
Magical Water Bowl- $50 or best offer
Malt Eggs x7- $1
Mange x2- $.10
Mangled MP3 Player- FREE w/ purchase
Mangrove Forest Background- $1
Mansion Gardens Background- $1
Marshmallow Peep x12- $1
May 2012 Monthly Bag- $2
Meaty Bone- FREE
Mechanical Hummingbird- $.50
Microraptor- $3
Midnight Forest Background- $.10
Mistletoe Earrings x4- FREE w/ Purchase
Mole Plush- $1
Monocle- $.25
Moray Eel- $2
Morning Mist Background- FREE w/ purchase
Morning Mountain- $.25
Mosquito in Amber Pendant- $.50
Mountain Lorikeet- FREE w/ purchase
Mountain Slope Background- FREE w/ purchase
Near Prairie Hill- $.25
Normal Duck Family- $.25
Normal Looking Up Ducking x2- $.25
Normal Sitting Duckling x3- $.25
Normal Standing Duckling- $.25
Old Boot- FREE w/ purchase
Open Ocean Background x2- $1
Opossum Plush x5- $.10
Orange Bone Chew Toy- FREE
Paper Valentine x4- FREE w/ purchase
Pearl Oyster- $1
Peasant Village Background x2- $1
Perched Kingfisher- $1
Perched Palomino Mink- $2
Perched Silver Mink- $1.50
Phoenix- $1
Piece of Ultra Fancy Chocolate Cake x2- $1.50
Pier Background- FREE w/ Purchase
Pile of Bones x3- $.10
Pilgrim Hat- $.50
Pink Angel Wings x4- $.25
Pink Background x8- FREE
Pink Ball x4- FREE
Pink Bandana x2- $.10
Pink Paw Print Food Bowl x4- FREE
Pink Paw Print Water Bowl x3- FREE
Pink Sky- $1
Plate of Caffeinated Brownies x2- $1
Polar Bear Plush x6- $.10
Polar Bear Pull-Toy x3- $.10
Porch Background x2- FREE w/ Purchase
Prehistoric Kauri Moth- $1
Princess Hat- $1
Prize Panda Bear- $1
Pumpkin Candy Trick or Treat Bag x2- FREE
Pumpkin Collar x6- FREE
Pumpkin Hat x5- FREE
Pumpkin Patch x3- $.25
Purple and Black Stripes Dye- FREE w/ Purchase
Purple Bows- FREE
Purple Dusk x3- FREE w/ Purchase
Purple Northern Lights Background x4- FREE w/ Purchase
Purple Tulips- FREE
Quarry Mountain x2- $.25
Raccoon- $7
Rain x20- FREE
Rainbow Christmas Tree x2- $.10
Rainbow Cupcake Platter- $7
Rawhide Bone- FREE
Rebirth- $1
Red Bandana x5- FREE
Red Bone Collar- FREE
Red Bows x3- FREE
Red Christmas Tree- $.10
Red Cross Fox x5- $1.50
Red Fox Dye- FREE w/ purchase
Red Husky Plush- $.25
Red Knee Tarantula Plush x7- $.10
Red Leather Spiked Collar x2- FREE
Red Lobster- $1
Red Satin Background x6- FREE w/ purchase
Red Squirrel Plush x3- FREE w/ purchase
Redwood Forest Background x2- FREE w/ purchase
Reindeer Antlers x10- FREE
Revitalizer- $1
Rhino Beetle- $1
Rhino Plush- $1
Riverside Twilight- $1
Robyn’s Baby x6- FREE w/ purchase
Rocky Hill- $.50
Roll of Tickets- $.50
Romantic Setting x2- $.50
Rose Bouquet- $.50
Rudolph Nose- $.10
Rudolph Plush x2- $.10
Rufous Chested Swallow- $1
Rusty Railway Background x3- FREE w/ purchase
Sand Bucket- FREE
Santa Cape x3- $.10
Santa Hat x9- $.10
Savannah Rain Background- $.50
Scarab Necklace- $.50
Scarecrow x2- $.10
Scattered Foliage- $.50
Scattered Trash x3- FREE
Scholar Collar x5- $7
Sea Turtle Plush- $.50
Sewers Background x2- FREE w/ background
Shamrock Necklace- $.50
Shooting Stars- $1
Shop Reader x2- $1
Silk Bow x4- $.10
Silver Earrings x2- FREE
Silver Food Bowl x2- FREE
Silver Husky Plush- $.25
Silver Studded Harness- FREE
Silver Tiara x3- $.10
Silver Tinsel x4- $.10
Silver Water Bowl x2- FREE
Silver Wolf Plush- $1
Single Rose x3- $.25
Sitting Mandarin Duck- $1
Skeleton Dye- FREE w/ purchase
Skull x4- FREE
Small Blue Collar x2- FREE
Small Green Collar- FREE
Small Red Collar x2- FREE
Snow Flurries x4- $.25
Snowball Pile x3- $.25
Snowman x6- $.10
Snowmelt Creek Background x2- FREE w/ purchase
Snowy Owl Wings x8- $.25
Snuggle Bunnies x8- $.10
Soapy Bath Tub x33- FREE
Soldier Helmet x2- $10
Space Shuttle Plush x2- $2
Sprig of Holly x4- FREE w/ Purchase
Spring Hare Plush- $1
Spruce Forest Background x7- $.50
Starry Night Sky Background x23- FREE
Stars x19- FREE
Steam Powered Jellyfish- $1
Steampunk Exo Outfit- $1
Stegosaurus Tail- $1
Stick- FREE
Strange Jack-o-Lantern x7- $.10
Strutting Ibis- $.25
Sun Hat x3- FREE
Sunset Storm Background x5- FREE w/ purchase
Survivor’s Martingale Collar x2- $1
Swift x4- $1
Tar Pit Background x2- $.50
Telescope- $.25
Tennis Ball x33- FREE
Tesla’s Workshop Background- $.50
The Big Top Background x2- $1
Throne Room Background- $.50
Ticks- $.10
Timestop x3- $5
Timewarp- $5
Tiny Orca Plush- FREE
Toy Shark Fin x2- $.50
Trash x110- FREE
Tug Rope x30- FREE
Turkey Dye x2- FREE w/ Purchase
Turkey Platter x5- $.10
Turkey Wings x7- $.10
Umbrella- $1
Unearthed Triceratops- $1
Unicorn Horn- $.50
Vaccination Tags- $2
Valais Goat x2- $2
Velociraptor- $3
White Background x7- FREE
White Dragon- $5
White Husky Plush- $.25
White Rabbit- $1
White Roses- FREE
White Satin Background- FREE w/ purchase
White Tailed Prairie Dog Plush- $.25
White Unicorn Foal x2- $5
White Wolf Plush- $2
Winter Cabin Background- $.50
Winter Sweater x8- $.10
Wire Brush x26- FREE
Wreath Collar x3- $.10
Yellow Bows- FREE
Yellow Duck Family x2- $.25
Yellow Sitting Duckling x3- $.10
Yellow Standing Duckling- $.10
Yellow Star Collar- FREE
Young Defensive Aardwolf- $3
Young Dilophosaurus- $3
Zombie Glazed Eyes x4- $.10
Zombie Glowing Eyes- $.10
Zombie Goop x3- $.50
Zombie Guts x2- $.50
Zombie Ribs- $.50
Zombie Skull x2- $.50
Zombie Tint- x5- $.10
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Posted By
WildFire00323 (#34979)
(08-28-2014 at 4:07 PM)

May I Have a Sun Hat?

Posted By
c h e e t a h (#27169)
(11-10-2012 at 7:14 PM)

May I have a White Dragon, please?

Posted By
c h e e t a h (#27169)
(11-10-2012 at 7:12 PM)


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Posted By
c h e e t a h (#27169)
(11-10-2012 at 7:10 PM)


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Posted By
c h e e t a h (#27169)
(11-10-2012 at 7:06 PM)

May I have two Starry Night Sky backgrounds and a pair of Reindeer Antlers? Thank you.

Posted By
c h e e t a h (#27169)
(11-10-2012 at 7:00 PM)


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Posted By
katimersq (#15060)
(11-10-2012 at 4:28 PM)

As stated at the very top of the post I am no longer going to be giving out the free items.

Posted By

(11-10-2012 at 11:35 AM)

could i get one stars and one silver earrings? thank you :)

Posted By
Mdd4916 The Huge Bad Breath Wolf (#6402)
(10-10-2012 at 4:41 PM)

Can I have any random free items?

Posted By
katimersq (#15060)
(08-6-2012 at 11:51 AM)

All of the items Penguin has requested are still available as the hold has ended. Those who have sent messages and have posted here for free items I'll be getting them to you soon, most likely sometime this week. There will also be some items added from my other account such as the Red Dingo, a Monthly Bag or two, a Koala and some other items.

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