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Sт Єʌℓσи
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How to close/delete your post!

Sт Єʌℓσи
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Art Sales
Have a tag you want to sell? A manip you want to make money on? Advertise any of your sales here.
175 total
  • Seeking artist! by K9 (#32720) "Hello! I am seeking an artist who can..."


    Dog Sales
    Post all dog advertisements here.
    260 total
  • Free puppies for newbies! by S E A . breeze ~ (#21803) " Hey, so I noticed that there is a very..."
  • (04-18-2014 at 11:40 PM)
    theromanceinrevenge (#33896) said: "Theromanceinrevenge joined tod ..."



    Item Sales
    All item sales occur here.
    264 total
  • Selling Rares for USD by gaurweth (#11107) "I am saving up to help my mom and I don'..."


    Account Sales
    Sell Ala accounts here. You are only allowed two at any given moment.
    203 total
  • Sellin Account w/EVERYTHING (116 customs, & much more!) by Neon Chemical (#9907) " Only accepting USD's via ..."
  • (04-10-2014 at 3:57 PM)
    Funsized Kitkat {Semper Fidelis} (#22570) said: "You're welcome. <3"



    Other Game Sales
    All sales for other game currencies/items/animals belong here.
    249 total
  • [H]FPD [W] Alacash by EvieRat (#33721) "I have over 6MIL FPD for sale 1FPD = 1 A..."


    Service Sales
    Post services here like babysitting dogs or selling training sessions.
    96 total
  • Training Services now being offered! by Firekracker (#31563) "Since I have the trainers perk, I have n..."
  • (04-16-2014 at 8:33 PM)
    MsCheshireCreep (#32265) said: "Hi,my dog has a tp of 525.50 a ..."



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