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Welcome to Alacrity

Alacrity is an agility dog sim focused on breeding dogs with specific markings and coats while excelling in agility at the same time. Targeted on agility dog breeds. Focus training on specific agility objects and enter trials that feature items your dog excels in. Accessorize your dog with unlimited items, and put them inside a living room with backgrounds or give them a companion to keep them company! Your dogs only live each day you login. So don't worry if you miss a day!

Latest Posts

Extra Life 2019

Hey Guys!

I've been quiet for a few weeks but that's because I've been preparing for the first annual Extra Life marathon at the maker space where Sam and I volunteer!

This weekend we will be using our off time to work on Some Alacrity issues (like the paypal and email verification issues) but while we are fundraising you can catch us on our twitch stream with our friends Joni and Mike. We will also have some indie devs come do segments of their games.

I know this isn't strictly Alacrity related but Sam and I just really wanted to share it with you guys and with everybody! I'm hoping you guys could help get the word out! If you are feeling generous enough to donate we are doing donation incentives throughout the 25 hour stream.

Thanks guys and I look forward to seeing you guys checking our the stream! Also keep your eye out for bug fixes this week!


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