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We have changed the donation page to give you the option to donate money directly to the staff of Alacrity.

Right now the buttons do not give you the bones/items, but DO provide money to a staff paypal account - there's a hold on it I'm still working through that seems to be preventing the donation redirect from functioning as intended.

If you donate using the staff buttons please submit an issue to the hub and we will manually credit you (with an automatic double bone special) until we can fix this issue.

The parent company donation links are still available if you follow the posted link. We have not been able to fix those buttons - we believe it is an account issue at Paypal and we do not have access to that account. We've made them aware that their donation page hasn't worked in a long time. Hopefully their coder will fix their buttons soon, but as we have no access to that WE ARE NOT PROVIDING SUPPORT FOR THOSE BUTTONS AT THIS TIME. If you use the buttons on that 2nd page to donate you will not receive your bones or items. We are very sorry about this situation but we simply were never given that access.

TL;DR: If you donate to the staff we can give you your bones. If you donate to the parent company you have to take it up with them and we have had no luck with that, so, we do not advise you do that. :)

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