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Alacrity User Guide

Welcome Alacrity's guide to user accounts... and basically everything else on the site that doesn't have to do with the strictly canine parts. Here we'll guide you through updating your account, among other things such as forums, chat, and IM-ing.

Let's start with navigating through your account, since that's one of the most important sections and it is essential to your personal details on the site.
You can get to your account by either clicking on your player name or clicking "View My Kennel" just below that. We'll go from the top. Your wishlist is one of the things at the very top of your profile. When others go to your page, they'll be able to see what you're wishing for and they'll have the option to send you that gift. So, if you're wishing a particular item, you can select it on the drop down list and add it. Who knows? Maybe a friend will drop a present your way.

Your Account
Scrolling down to the very bottom... we're going on to your account info that only you can see. While we're here, let us issue a reminder that you should NEVER share your password with anyone! The best way to keep your account safe is to keep your login name and password to yourself.
The first box you may edit is the "Display Name". This is simply what you're known by in the game. If you are an upgraded player (having donated to the site), you may add HTML to this and a tag as well WARNING: Tag sizes are to strictly remain at 100 pixels HIGH (vertical, upways ect.) by 175 pixels WIDE (left to right, sideways, horizontal ect.) pay close attention, especially if you change tags often.

Accessing Alacrity via mobile phone
What is "Cell Phone Info", you may ask? If you type in your phone number and select your carrier (provider), Alacrity will send a verification message. This feature allows for text messages to be sent to your phone. Standard text messaging rates apply. If you choose to accept the verification and to continue to use Alacrity on your phone, you're still paying what your provider usually charges for these services. We do not charge anything extra, so this is NOT a premium service.
Once you've received the text message, that will hold a verification code that you will have to enter on your Alacrity profile. There's built in instructions to go along with this part, so you shouldn't have any trouble. If you need it resent, simply enter the confirmation number incorrectly on your profile and the same code will be sent again. Sometimes these texts have a 5-10 minute lag per your cell provider.
Unsure about giving your cell phone number out? Rest assured that Alacrity will never use nor sell/give away your number by any means. You can read more in our privacy policy here. Not even mods on the site can see the phone number, only the admins.

Email/Password update
Your email is first... This tells the current email Alacrity has on hand and you may edit it if you wish to change it. You must have a working email address so that Alacrity can send verification and a lost password. If you've lost your username, there's a link on the front page below the login box where you can answer your secret question and have it displayed there. Your secret question's answer must be CHARACTER FOR CHARACTER, so "Michelle" is different than "michelle" or "M ichelle". Next, your password info. This is your current password, and an option if you wish to change it--remember, never give it away to anyone! In order to keep your account secure it's a good idea to change it every now and then. Passwords like "ilikedogs" and "123456" are not safe. We recommend one capital letter, numbers, and letters.

If you've used Facebook or Twitter, you'll be familiar with statuses. Your status on Alacrity is simply a place to say what's on your mind or what you're doing. Did you just eat a sandwich? Did your dog drag in a dead raccoon? You can tell the world your musings here (have to keep it within the character limit (255 characters!)--no novel writing here xD). Your status will display next to your display name in the chatroom, on your profile page, and on the online list.

Secret Question
This goes along with the password/email section. If you've accidently forgotten your username or password, you can answer your secret question to retrieve it. So, when creating a secret question, don't make it something that's easily guessable, it should be something that you'd have no cause for using in conversation around the site. This helps to keep your password secure.

Dog Tag
Only upgraded (donating) members may have a dog tag. This is very similar to a horse brand. You may tag all your dogs with the same thing, and no matter where they go on the game or who they are sold to, you'll still be able to trace them by the tag and everyone will be able to see they were yours at some point of their life. Be careful choosing your dog tag, because it cannot be reset!

Now for some fun stuff--your description! Any user, upgraded or not, may spruce up their player page with graphics and text. HTML and CSS are allowed. Be considerate of others when updating your description--obnoxious, neon, glittery graphics will draw others away from your profile, as will music. Make sure you're following the rules when updating your description according to Alacrity's Terms of Service and keep it PG-13.

Forum Signature
If you've donated to the site, you may use a "signature" in the forums. This is automatically displayed beneath any post/reply you make. HTML is allowed, but for the sake of our fellow Alacrity-ites, please keep it short and sweet. No large graphics and paragraphs of text--your signature is a good place to share a quick quote, small image, or say why your kennel is so great.

You've now got all your details under control and maybe even added a fun description! Let's move on to other user-oriented parts of the site.

Community is an essential part of any group, whether in real life or online--so by now, maybe you're excited to get involved in the nearest forum and talk it up in the chat room. It's pretty self-explanatory; you'll find the forums under "Socialize" and the link to the chatroom within the forum. If you haven't already, make yourself familiar with the rules. Posting in the right boards is also essential--it makes everything easier for users and staff. If you're not sure what goes where, ask a moderator or experienced player to help you. As for posting in the forum, it does recognize carriage returns--aka, when you use the enter button to separate paragraphs. Basic HTML is also allowed, and we'll skim over some basic stuff:

Bold: <b>text here</b> Italic: <i>text here</b> Underline: <u>text here</u> Image: <img src="URL HERE"> Link: <a href="URL HERE">text here</a> Tags: <img src="URL HERE" border="0" height="100" width="175">

Alacrity's chatroom is self explanatory. To customize things, you may choose a font color on the left. HTML images are not allowed in the chatroom.

Want to send another player a quick message that you'd rather not have the whole world hear? You can do this by going to their profile and looking at their personal details (their name, tag, account ID, etc) and there is the option to "Message" them. A window will pop up and you can enter a title and your message.
When another player sends you a message, you will get a green alert box informing you to check your inbox. If you have posted a new thread in the forum, you will receive messages any time someone replies to that thread.

That's right--you can IM (instant message) other online players on Alacrity! You might have noticed this as we were going to the message section. It's the link on the right, "IM This Player." The rest is pretty easy from here. A chat box will pop up and you and your friend can hold your own private conversation. There is also a link in the regular chatroom underneath each player.

If you want to give a shout out to someone, tell them you like their tag, etc. scribble on their wall. This can be found after their list of dogs. Write what you want and "deface" their profile! Keep it PG-13!

Cash? Dough? Quid? Moolah?
Alacrity, holding up to it's standards of realism, doesn't make it easy to make money. That's part of the challenge of the game--you won't be getting free handouts, but you'll have to earn it. One benefit is that you won't have to remember to go to the bank to collect an allowance; if you've logged onto the site that day, you will automatically receive your allowance at midnight. Upgraded members earn $200 a day, regular members earn $100.
Another way to make some extra dollars is the games section. Here you can answer trivia questions, enter the lottery, or guess a number. You will receive Alacrity $$ if you answer the trivia question correctly. The lottery automatically chooses a winner every Friday at midnight, and tickets are $5 each. You may buy as many tickets as you like. All the $5 tickets contribute to the pot, so the more tickets purchased each week, the bigger the pot is, and this can be seen on the lottery page as well.
Guess a number is fairly self explanatory. You get paid more the closer you are from correct number, but, you win more if you guess the exact number. You can play the number game up to four times a day.

By entering your dog in trials, you can earn $$ and your dog can gain prestige. But in order to enter those trials, there must be some available! Anyone on Alacrity can enter trials, and it'll bring in a little extra to your bank account. Upgrades can create 3 trials a day, basics cannot create any. Once you get to the trials page, you can set up your trial with the name and the actions. You'll see a few drop down menus; these contain things such as "tire", "tunnel", "chute" and the like. You may select one for each box, this is basically your agility course and the order the dogs will do it in. And if you're curious, yes, if you enter a trial with pause tables in it and you've trained your dog really well in pause tables, he'll do better in the trial.

Dog Slots
Everyone starts with 5 dog slots. Together, all dogs under 2 months of age only take up one dog slot (the puppy kennel!). Once they turn two months old, it will run away unless there is an empty spot for it to go to. In this space of time, you can move them to a different kennel, sell them, or retire them.

Every time you do a year long upgrade, you earn 3 more, plus the ability to buy 3 more with regular site money.

Every time you do a 2 month long upgrade, you earn 1 more, plus the ability to buy 1 more with regular site money.

Both account types may purchase up to 10 (starting!) EXTRA dog slots. The first is 5k, then 2k more per dog slot addition. So 5k, 7k, 9k, and so forth, they get more expensive. This means a basic with no donations/addons would be possible to have 15 dog slots.

Support Alacrity!
Doubtless, if you have read most of this guide, you have heard of all the fun benefits that upgraded members receive. Alacrity is fun for just about anyone, but if you really decide you enjoy the game, think about a donation. For just $15 a year (a super deal compared to most games) you can get an upgraded account.
Upgraded account features include:

  • Bigger daily allowance
  • Extra room for dogs
  • Unlimited breedings per month (vs. the 2/month basics get)!
  • Have a tag and signature
  • Get a dog tag to tag your dogs with
  • Create 3 agility trials a day and earn $50 when each runs
  • Different folders for storage in your mailbox
  • Get 2 free "Monthly Shop" Items
  • And more!

Even if you've already helped support the site, you can still buy donation credits and receive things such as money, dog slots, training sessions, and magical items.
Donations on Alacrity are used to support the site. The owners have put a lot of time and money into Alacrity's creation and owning a sim game is not cheap. Besides the fees that come from artists, designers, and programming, there's the hosting, which keeps Alacrity on the internet. Please consider a donation if you've enjoyed the site.

Written by RiPtide #106 and edited by Rozalyn.

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