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The Festivites Continue!

If you haven't checked out the Summer Sendoff yet, now's the time to do so! We're on day 4/30 of our daily custom raffles, and the colouring, drawing, writing, and beauty contests are just getting warmed up.

But that's not all!
We know how much you love her layouts, so for the Summer Sendoff our very own Tilted Scene (#38358) has agreed to start making free layouts for anyone to use on their Alacrity profiles!
Go check out the goods at Tilted Scene Layouts, which will continue to be updated as Tilt makes more layouts just for you. :)

We've got more stuff planned as the month progresses, so keep an eye out on the Summer Sendoff thread! And don't forget to check out the limited re-release items in the Monthly Shop this week -- they won't be available for much longer!

Posted by ehm (#93) on Sep 04, 2015

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New Monthly Shop Supply!

A new round of updated items has entered the Monthly Shop!

Thanks to Nyctra, we now have completely updated Blue, Green and Purple Glow Anklets and Necklaces, as well as the following items have been updated for Great Danes (and some for Shibas as well - looks like we missed a few things!)

Black Leather Jacket
Bullet Belt
Construction Vest
Aboriginal Body Paints
Dirty Fur
Aquamarine Flower Crown

Also, thanks to Ehm, the Aviator Caps (which were a donation only item and are NOT available in the Monthly Shop) have had their art completely updated as well! :)

Due to some confusion last time, we are keeping the wings in the Monthly Shop for another 24 hours. They will be deleted at this time tomorrow, so get a copy before they're gone!

Posted by Larthan (#8598) on Sep 02, 2015

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September 1st!

The Summer Sendoff has begun!

Click the banner to go see the event thread!
(but don't miss out on the new riddle in the news post below!)
Posted by ehm (#93) on Sep 01, 2015

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