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Is that a chill in the air?

October is almost upon us! And I'm sure most of you know what that means...
It's almost time for

We're kicking off the spookiest season of the year a little early here on Alacrity with some very special dog auctions.
These dogs are being auctioned for bones. Take a look at all those scary pups, decked out for their favourite holiday, and you'll see why!

Summer Sendoff
We're in the last week of the Summer Sendoff event.
All the contests are now closed, and the entries being judged by our dedicated staff team.
Winners will be announced and prizes sent out on September 30th!

In the meantime, the Daily Custom Raffle will be continuing every day until the end of this month.
That means 5 more days left to enter and win!

Custom Marking Raffle
And speaking of raffles... don't forget about our Custom Marking Raffle that started at the beginning of the week.

The winner will receive a Custom Marking Mix which, upon turning it over to the Head Artist, will allow them to create a brand new secondary marking on the breed of their choice!

Tickets are being sold for both alacash and bones -- and you also have a chance of winning a free ticket from The Professor!

That's all the news for now, but keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks for contest winner announcements, and maybe a few more events! ;)

Posted by Ehmerican Horror Story (#93) on Sep 26, 2015

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Awesome, thank you!
Posted on 09-27-2015 at 11:09 AM
Ehmerican Horror Story
Huh, sorry about that, Dwarf! I don't have anyone blocked, but as you know, players may put anyone on their No Sell List for any reason. :)

I thought I had cleared out my list, but it looks like I missed some! I'm very sorry about that -- you should be good to go now. ;)
Posted on 09-27-2015 at 11:01 AM
Nice update ^^; I'd like to be included in the dog auctions but seems like i can't bid on them. If you're gonna do side-wide advertisement of auctions you might want to do it off of an account that hasn't got anyone blocked, to not exclude anyone :P Like the professors account or another service account for example.

Not that i know why i'm blocked as i've never even bought anything from you lol
Posted on 09-27-2015 at 1:42 AM

Summer Sendoff - Now with More Sending!

Hey, guys! I bring you two late additions to the Summer Sendoff Ehm has been pouring heart and soul into while I quietly wander the file server blaming my bigger mistakes on Larth :P

The 215th Riddle

The Professor got a little bit of work done to better suit our new format, and the first of the new puzzles is now up!

The first time I solved a puzzle like this I was 10 or so, but I think even our adult users will like it. It takes a little working out, though, so, for those first few willing to brave it, the prize is a little bigger than usual

- It's a Raffle Ticket!-

which, coincidentally, very much brings me to my next bit of news....

The Raffle

The raffle is back! This time we're offering a Custom Marking Mix - a unique token item which, when turned over to the Head Artist entitles its bearer to 1 free custom secondary marking on the breed of his choice.

In honor of the end-of-summer event, tickets for this raffle will be available for alacash or bones, not USD.
Good Luck, Everyone!

Continuing Contests

Don't forget the Daily Custom Raffle, and all the other great contests going on during the Summer Sendoff!

Keep Calm and Hope I Don't Break Anything,

Posted by Kit (#7244) on Sep 21, 2015

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Contests Reminder!

The Summer Sendoff Contests will be ending at the end of the day Tuesday (22nd)!

There's only a few more days left to get your entries into any of the four Summer Sendoff contests! All four have some pretty fantastic prizes for the top three, and even if you don't win you get $5000 just for entering!
Get in while you still can. ;)

Beauty Contest (there's only NINE entries right now!)
Writing Contest (there's only SIX entries right now!)
Drawing Contest (there's only FOUR entries right now!)
Colouring Contest (there's only FOUR entries right now!)

We look forward to seeing your entries!

Posted by Ehmerican Horror Story (#93) on Sep 18, 2015

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