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Pumpkin Shop & Zombie Bundle!

Hey everyone!

The Zombie Bundle and everything in the Pumpkin Shop will both only be available until:

Thursday, November 12th 11:59 PM

Get 'em now before they're gone!

Posted by Ehm (#93) on Nov 07, 2015

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Hey everyone! A couple of tiny Halloween updates, for anyone who hadn't yet noticed:

You can still only go trick'r'treating once per day, but now it is now available on both Administrator and Moderator userpages.

Ala-ween Town
We now have four games, as Ala-ween Town has been added since the original news post was made! Find it on the Survivors vs. Zombies page. You get 5 explore turns every half hour, and they will accumulate up to 30 turns.

Check out the previous news post for more information on our Halloween festivities, if you missed it!
That's all for the seasonal news, ghosts & ghouls; but though Samhain is drawing near, never fear! All our Halloween events will be running until Thursday, November 5th.

And now for the big news...
A Wild Marking Has Appeared!

That's right! Our winner of the Custom Marking Mix, Anchantal (#3598), has already decided on what new marking they want to grace the site! With artwork courtesy of our beautiful and talented site artist Maggots (#69), we are immensely pleased to present to everyone the new Shiba Inu marking: black: civet!

Shown here on a cream coat.

Check out this beauty in the Custom Tool today!

Posted by Ehm (#93) on Oct 25, 2015

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Posted on 05-17-2016 at 11:42 PM
i don't like it....I love it! XD
Posted on 10-31-2015 at 4:39 PM
Allie {Mrs. Winchester}
The new coat for the Shibas are absolutely wonderful! You guys are doing such a wonderful job! Keep up the amazing work.
Posted on 10-26-2015 at 9:08 PM

This is Halloween!

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Alacrites of all ages! I am thrilled, chilled, and absolutely spooked out of my skin to tell you -- the event we've all been screaming for is finally upon us:

Halloween has arrived on Alacrity!

This is the first year that Kit, Larth and I have been in charge of setting this event up, so it took a little longer than we would've liked.
But thanks to the weeks of work Kit put in poring over the code, and assistance from Larth along the way, we've finally got this show on the road!

There are three events this year, plus the special Pumpkin Shop. Older players will be familiar with everything, but for anyone who hasn't gotten a chance to take part in our spooky shenanigans, here's the rundown of what's what:

Trick or Treat

Go to the userpage of any Admin* (that's the rainbow paw, folks) and click on the haunted house on their page to trick'r'treating!
You can do this once per day and will receive a random Halloween item (or fleas, oops! You never know what you might pick up in spooky old houses).

*We're going to try and change this to any staff member soon, but for now it will only be available on Admin pages.

Backyard Dig

You'll find the Backyard Dig page under the new Halloween tab.
Choose a dog to go digging around the frighteningly well decorated yard you'll see there for a chance to win money, Halloween treats, and -- most importantly -- pumpkins which can be exchanged at the Pumpkin Shop for some pretty awesome items!

Your dig turns get reset to 5 every half hour, so keep coming back and using them up!

Survivors Vs. Zombies

Yes -- everyone's favourite game is up again!
The epic, annual final showdown is back for another year on Alacrity.
To join in and secure the survival, or destruction, of the human race, pop over to the Survivors Vs. Zombies page located under the Halloween tab.
Choose which side you're going to be on, admire the glorious new banner declaring your allegience on your userpage, and then find people on the opposing team to attack!

You'll be able to attack someone once every 20 minutes, and will receive pumpkins for attacking and being attacked -- and don't forget these handy dandy items that can be purchased from the Survivors Vs. Zombies page:

They'll both go a long way to helping you and your team out in the race to victory!

And last but not least...
The Pumpkin/Halloween Shop

So you're getting all these pumpkins from the Backyard Dig and your death-defying battle efforts, but what to do with them?
Well, you spend them, of course!

You can find the Pumpkin Shop located under the Halloween tab, as well as being linked on both the Backyard Dig and Survivors Vs. Zombies pages (the "Halloween Shop" links).
There you'll find a myriad of exclusive Halloween items and rare re-releases, ready and waiting for you to trade in your pumpkins for them!
It's a bit disorganised currently, but we're going to try and fix that soon. In the meantime the shop is fully functioning!

I think that covers all the Halloween events!
We'll keep you posted on any changes or updates we make to the Halloween features in the coming days.
All events will be running until Thursday, November 5th.
The Pumpkin Shop will stay open for a bit longer so that everyone has a chance to spend all their pumpkins.

Other Updates:

• Speaking of Halloween, we'd also like to give a belated congratulations to the winners of the Spoopy September dog auctions! We had a blast creating those beauties and we hope you enjoy them. :)

• For those of you who missed the last news post, we have a winner for the Custom Marking raffle! Out of 1,530 tickets, Anchantal (#3598) won with ticket #1374!

• If you have any suggestions about future raffles on Alacrity, please hop over to the Raffle Suggestions thread! We'd love to hear your ideas and feedback. :)

Posted by Ehm (#93) on Oct 17, 2015

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