custom by #69: My Lullaby, if only I could turn back time. I met you on November 29th, 2007, as I opened the back door at my brothers apartment. Our eyes met instantly, and from there, I couldn't let you go. You were so badly beaten, choked by a tight collar around your neck. Your eye was scarred, you were heart worm positive, and your brain badly lesioned, which seizures soon came along with. Barely a month later, I figured out that you were pregnant. You blessed us with 5 beautiful and healthy puppies on the very last day of December, and you raised them wonderfully, until you no longer could. 3 weeks after your puppies were born, I made the decision to let you go. For the first time since we met, it was as though you were in another world. You didn't even look at me. Your body was going downhill. Making the decision to let you go was the hardest choice I ever had to make. I was there for you, holding you in my arms until the very last moment. I told you I loved you, I said goodbye, and you wagged your tail for the very last time. Your puppies were the best gift that's ever been given to me. I raised them from that day, and they're my world. One day, I will see you again, my Lullaby. I will hold you again, and look into your beautiful blue eyes, and we will finally be together, forever young. Until then, I miss you. A part of myself missing. Artwork done by myself.
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custom by #5: This fancy friend just might teach your dog some new tricks!
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Huge stone structures that may have been used as landmarks so that tribal Arctic people always knew where they were.
Inuksuk Background
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Welcome to Shiba Inupait (#10831)'s profile.
currently: playing Alacrity!

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(11-22-2014 at 12:19 AM)
Thank you for buying my Papillon boy. Good luck with him. :)

(06-20-2013 at 10:11 AM)
Would you be willing to lower the price on this dog? #147764

Or I could give you a maxed Shiba

(03-7-2013 at 7:42 PM)
Hi, I would be willing to do training for you for your Cata Cur Color Phase item in your shop.

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Cheveyo He INUx (#180271) American Pit Bull Terrier 15.96 months male
Male 569.93TP (#202019) Shiba Inu 17.04 months male
Newborn Puppy (#202711) Siberian Husky 17.88 months male
Be My Valentine!!! Pink/White 2nd Gen (#180536) Siberian Husky 32.10 months female
Aiyana She INUx (#188473) Siberian Husky 30.24 months female
Abetzi She INUx (#201704) Shiba Inu 20.46 months female
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04-15-2018 11:57 PM : Your dog Kestrill He INUx{m} and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Heart Dye.
04-1-2018 11:57 PM : Your dog Kestrill He INUx{m} and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Bristle Brush.
03-15-2018 11:57 PM : Your dog Kestrill He INUx{m} and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Red Bandana.
03-1-2018 11:57 PM : Your dog Kestrill He INUx{m} and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Cabin Porch Background.

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