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(12-15-2013 at 7:16 PM)
☁Cloud☁ { Border Collie Breeder }
Do you do art?

(10-30-2013 at 5:51 PM)
Dream Germans
ok ill try to have them to you soon,how is the training going on them? and where are they?i would like to see them from time to time.

(10-30-2013 at 11:54 AM)
Dream Germans
so how are my dogs doing?



Welcome to Willow creek Kennels

Welcome to Willow creek Kennels. Here, we strive to produce the finest quality German Shepherds. This means every German Shepherd litter we obtain will have only the BEST markings, and each generation will be better then the last.

Standards & Requirements


Each German Shepherd at Willow creek Kennels should have:

- Red,black,tan,liver to light grey markings
(Solid black and Dark to light sable is also permissible.)

-Black Saddle covering the ridge of the back complete with black mask covering the nose and forehead.
(Dogs with little to no mask or saddle may be permissible as well.)

- Absolutely NO white markings

Eye Color

I will except:
(Green is also permissible; however yellow is not desired.)

Nose Color

-Black to light brown


Each dog we adopt must have strong, attentive and eager to serve personality.

Things i look for:
-Sociality: Outgoing
-Attention span: Focused
-Self confident: Confident
(If one of these does not meet expectations i will look secondly to their markings.)


 photo 3GermanShepherdBorder_zpsb6e4e839.png

Since we do strive to improve each generation of German Shepherd we tend to tred lightly when it comes to breeding. Heres some things you should know:


Willow creek Kennels offers only the most stunning males to be bred out of kennel. The stud fees are set at a stern $1,500; however prices may vary depending on the studs Total Potential and Personality. Before i accept ANY requests i will take a brief look at the bitch's bloodline, checking for any signs of inbreeding, if none are found i will accept. I prefer not to accept any requests from glitched breeders; however i can make an exception.

What you can expect:
I get first pick from ever litter if i choose to pick at all. After everything is decided between you and I, you may do what you wish with the remaining offspring all i ask is that you do not breed before maxing.


 photo 3GermanShepherdBorder_zpsb6e4e839.png

When you adopt one of my pups you are granted the right to do what you want with them; however if you come across a problem and can no longer care for the dog contact me and i will see what i can do.

* Each puppy will be of the best quality out of each generation bred and will rise above or meet our AKC/ UKC standards.

* Absolutely No inbreeding or Unmaxed breeding

*Blood lines are clean and do not pass 4 to 5 generations.

There are NO refunds

- I expect you to be a responsible owner when it comes to each and every one of my pups purchased.

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 25 | Training Sessions: 138
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© Echt's Rebel (#240257) German Shepherd 27.12 months male
© Echt's Princess (#233187) German Shepherd 53.88 months female
© Echt's Outlaw (#161218) German Shepherd 129.64 months male
WcK Trigger (#135076) German Shepherd 177.70 months male
WcK Crash (#55505) German Shepherd 482.73 months male

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