Just having one around makes the place look more classy! +$10 every 30 minutes
Pied Blue Peacock
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A fluffy white friend for your dog. +5 Energy every 30 minutes
Arctic Fox
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What a curious little fella! Increases chance of random events.
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Welcome to Smudgers the Lion (#12588)'s profile.
currently: Acounts for Sale! NEEDS THEM TO BE GONE! USD

Last Seen: 12:27 PM on 06-30-2013, played for 307 days

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(05-24-2012 at 2:15 PM)
You should totally log on >:o I made a bid on the account xD

(04-26-2012 at 3:54 PM)
Rocious Beast :3
Hey, y'all still remember me? I come around here every once and awhile... Haha Silver Skies Foopets person.

(03-8-2012 at 5:12 PM)
mama of 4 little alien cuties
thank you very much:)

Accounts for SALE


Items for SALE

A Stick x15
Aces Stamp x1
Agility Affair Chow x36
Alaskan Wolf x1
Alleyway Background x2
American Flag x2
Angel Wings x1
Autumn Background x4
Baby Griffin x2
Bandana of Maturity x1
Barn Owl Wings x1
Barn Swallow x1
Beach Ball x1
Beautiful Demoiselle Dragonflies x2
Beef Kibble x58
Black Angel Wings x1
Black Background x1
Black Duck Family x1
Black Husky Plush x1
Black Leather Spiked Collar x2
Black Looking Up Duckling x1
Blackout Background x2
Black Widow Spiders x1
Blue Background x4
Blue Ball x1
Blue Paw Print Food Bowl x3
Blue Tailed Skink x1
Bottled Mayflower x1
Bright Star x3
Bristle Brush x16
Brown Rat x1
Cabin Porch Background x1
Candy Corn Plush x2
Camp Fire x2
Cardinal Branch x2
Cherub Wings x1
Chicken Kibble x70
Chocolate Bunny x1
Chocolate Chip Striped Skunk x1
Chocolate Cream Egg x1
Christmas Lights x3
Christmas Tree x3
Cl33n Slate x12
Clouds Background x4
Crashing Waves x1
Cupid Puppy Plush x1
Dapper Tophat x2
Dead Toad x9
Deinonychus x1
Dog Bed x5
Dog House x1
Dove Wings x1
Easter Basket x1
Easter Bunny x2
Emu x1
Evening Fog Background x1
First Aid Towel x1
Fleas x1
Fleck Plush x4
Flower Pot x1
Fossil Bed Background x1
Frog Prince x1
Full Moon x1
Galah Parrot x1
Garden Patio x1
Gold Earrings x1
Golden Fallen Leaves x2
Golden Falling Leaves x3
Golden Leash x1
Golden Tiara x1
Great Pyramids Background x1
Green Background x3
Green Bone Chew Toy x1
Green Santa Cape x1
Halo x1
Hanukkah Dreidel x1
Hanukkah Sash x1
Heart Dye x1
Heavy Snowfall x1
Holiday Scarf x1
Hospital IV x1
Interior Zeppelin Cabin Background x1
Iris Pond Background x3
Jingle Bell Anklets x1
Lady Bug x2
Large Black Collar x1
Large Red Collar x1
Large White Collar x2
Leather Lead x2
Little Brown Mouse x1
Little White Mouse x1
Love Birds x2
Lovestruck Fireflies x1
Love Teddy x1
Mangled MP3 Player x1
Mangrove Forest Background x1
Marshmallow Peep x1
Melanistic Owl x1
Mistletoe Earrings x1
Morning Mist Background x1
Mosquito in Amber Pendant x1
Mountain Lorikeet x2
Natural Kibble x67
Normal Looking Up Duckling x1
Normal Sitting Duckling x2
Normal Standing Duckling x1
October 2010 Monthly Super Bag x1
Opal Feather Piece x1
Opossum Plush x1
Orange Bone Chew Toy x1
Paper Valentine x1
Pier Background x3
Pink Ball x1
Pink Angel Wings x1
Pink Background x2
Pink Paw Print Food Bowl x3
Pink Paw Print Water Bowl x3
Polar Bear Plush x1
Porch Background x2
Pumpkin Collar x1
Pumpkin Patch x1
Purple Dusk x1
Rain x10
Rainbow Cupcake x1
Rebirth x2
Red Bandana x1
Red Bows x1
Red Cross Fox x2
Red Knee Tarantula Plush x3
Red Leather Spiked Collar x4
Reindeer Antlers x2
Rhino Plush x1
Robyn`s Baby x2
Rudolph Nose x1
Sand Castle x1
Shamrock Necklace x1
Silver Food Bowl x2
Silver Husky Plush x1
Silver Tiara x1
Silver Water Bowl x1
Skeleton Dye x3
Skull x2
Small Blue Collar x1
Small Green Collar x3
Small Red Collar x1
Snowball Pile x1
Snow Flurries x1
Snowmelt Creek Background x3
Snowy Owl Wings x1
Soapy Bath Tub x19
Space Shuttle Plush x1
Sparkling Red Grape Juice x1
Speed Unlmtd. Chow x35
Spruce Forest Background x2
Starry Night Sky Background x18
Stars x14
Steampunk Centipede x1
Steampunk Pony x1
Strange Jack-o-Lantern x1
Strutting Ibis x1
Sunflower x1
Sun Hat x1
Sunset Storm Background x3
Super Dog Chow x456
Tennis Ball x17
Ticks x1
Timestop x3
Trash x61
Tug Rope x14
Turkey Dye x1
Turkey Platter x1
Turkey Wings x2
Umbrella x1
Vegetarian Kibble x64
Waterfall Background x3
Watering Can x1
White Background x2
White Dragon x1
White Husky Plush x1
Wire Brush x10
Wolf Dye x1
Yellow Bows x1
Yellow Duck Family x1
Yellow Sitting Duckling x2
Yellow Standing Duckling x1
Young Defensive Aardwolf x1
Young Dilophosaurus x2
Zebra Dye x1

If you want to purchase more/any Halloween Items look on Horror of Peace

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User Records - [ x view more ]
11-15-2015 11:57 PM : Your dog Grey Lightening TP: 620 and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Dead Toad.
11-15-2015 11:57 PM : Your dog Blue Topaz TP: 511 and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Day Mountain.
11-7-2015 11:57 PM : Happy Birthday Smudgers the Lion from Alacrity! You have received a Birthday Cake, which is now in your inventory!
11-1-2015 11:57 PM : Your dog Grey Lightening TP: 620 and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Full Moon.
11-1-2015 11:57 PM : Your dog Blue Topaz TP: 511 and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Zip Line.
10-15-2015 11:57 PM : Your dog Grey Lightening TP: 620 and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Blue Ball.
10-15-2015 11:57 PM : Your dog Blue Topaz TP: 511 and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Bright Rainbow.

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