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Welcome to Snivy14 (#12942)'s profile.
currently: Coming back slowly

Last Seen: 7:19 AM on 04-21-2021, played for 1833 days

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(01-7-2021 at 1:21 PM)
thank you so much for helping me with training, Snivy! :')

(01-5-2021 at 9:41 PM)
Thank you again for maxing my Aussie pup! You’re the best ;u;

(12-20-2020 at 1:12 PM)
Oh my goodness thank you so much :,) You’re so so kind Snivy! And I’ll be sure to go thank Rilee right now!

Agility Trials Hosted By This Handler
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Selling all my dogs but 4 and rare items for Flight Rising stuff I have ultimate/monthly bags, TS Companions, SC's chances, BoM/BoY plus more if you play FR please message me on there NOT HERE as I don't play here anymore would like everything gone soon my name is the same as on here Snivy14.

Thank you.

Selling custom & non custom dogs some are maxed some aren't customs start at 10 bones non customs start at 1 bone you can find them here and while your at it come check out my shop

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 380 | Training Sessions: 1324
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Account Type: upgraded
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User Records - [ x view more ]
04-21-2021 6:48 PM : Dog SilverWolf Immortal pulled a ligament.
04-18-2021 1:17 PM : Vaccinated all my dogs with my own vet abilities.
04-16-2021 6:54 AM : Cured Tex {Maxed} Immortal for $15.
04-14-2021 8:30 PM : Dog Tex {Maxed} Immortal is infested with fleas.
04-12-2021 6:13 PM : Dog #413270 sold for $500.
04-12-2021 4:41 PM : Vaccinated all my dogs with my own vet abilities.
04-11-2021 6:54 PM : Dog #63315 sold for 1 bones to #31652.
04-11-2021 11:29 AM : Cured Skip {Maxed} Custom for $47.5.
04-10-2021 4:00 PM : Dog Skip {Maxed} Custom is infected with hookworms.
04-9-2021 6:00 PM : Deposited $872742 from the bank.
04-9-2021 6:00 PM : Collected bank interest.
04-8-2021 1:03 PM : Dog #413271 sold for $500.
04-8-2021 1:22 AM : Dog #413269 sold for $500.
04-7-2021 8:47 PM : Player #34234 trained dog #161681.
04-7-2021 8:47 PM : Player #34234 trained dog #161681.

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