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Some precious puppies will keep your dog busy!
Border Collie Puppies
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Some precious puppies will keep your dog busy!
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PitBull (OTEK Main Breeding and Training) (#14549)'s profile.
currently: SmSK GSDs is: OPEN? || At boarding school, ugh.

Last Seen: 6:03 PM on 06-11-2015, played for 641 days

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PitBull (SmSK Main Breeding and Training)
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(03-27-2015 at 8:52 PM)
Allie {Mrs. Winchester}
I wanted to notify you about a puppy I bought and sent back. You're welcome to keep the cash, but, I bought him by mistake, not realizing I had already had a male. Sorry for the inconvenience.


(02-11-2015 at 4:32 AM)
you're in my fandom too :stalks you back:

(06-19-2014 at 4:45 PM)
Homeward Bound Rescue
Sure thing! :) Please just send me their adoption fees!

--Welcome and About Us--

Hi there, and welcome to Over the Edge Kennels! =) OTEK is a group of dog breeding and training kennels. Here we specialize in breeding, training, and showing many types of dogs. These include but are not limited to: American Pit Bull Terriers, Border Collies, and Great Danes. Our dogs compete in Agility, Frisbee, and Beauty competitions. If you are looking for a new best friend or a showing partner, you've come to the right place! Every dog here is in perfect shape, from head to tail! Please enjoy your visit! If there is anything you'd like to suggest, please tell us! We are always looking to improve our kennels!

Over the Edge Kennels is dedicated to the breeding and training of pedigree dogs. Here at OTEK, every dog is fed regularly on a day to day basis. We will not feed our dogs anything but the best! We purchase and feed our dogs Speed Unlmtd. Dog Chow, which they are fed 2 or more times a day. All of our dogs receive their vaccinations weekly. If a dog becomes sick or is injured, they are taken to the vet immediately for proper treatment. During the recovery process, the dog (if it is for sale) is taken off sale and is allowed to rest while getting better to ensure they are well and healthy enough to be adopted. =D


How to create an icon! :3
1) Find a picture of one of your dogs and right click and save it.
2) If you have a windows computer, open up paint and open the picture.
3) Use the select tool and select the part of the image you want in your icon.
4) Click crop.
5) Select resize, and then click pixels. In Horizontal, type 175. Select OK. If the picture is too small, click undo and go back the Resize>Pixels and in Vertical, type 100. Make sure the picture is no larger than 175 wide by 100 high, otherwise you could get in trouble.
6) When you're happy with the sizing, save the picture.
7) Now you can upload it to a photo editing website such as pizap or whatever you want to use and add effects, text, or anything else you'd like to use. When you're finished with that, make sure to save it.
8) Return to paint and open the photo again. Under shapes, select the rectangle. Make sure "no fill" is selected. Select the smallest size for the line. Select the top left corner of the picture and drag down to the bottom right to create a frame.
9) Save the photo again and upload it to a photosharing website like photobucket. When it is uploaded, copy the "direct link" and go to your ala profile. Paste it into the blank for Avatar URL.

If you want multiple icons that rotate with every page you go to, go to the website "sig.grumpybumpers.com" and enter all of the direct links to the icons you made.

--Merged Kennels--

Over the Edge is basically a kennel of kennels. That means that OTEK, being the main kennel, holds many different kennels under it for each specific breed. All of our dogs belong to OTEK, but are categorized and labeled by their specific kennel. These kennels are:

OTEK Main Pit Bull Terriers
Borderland Collies Border Collies


Dogs are required to have the following qualifications, or they will be considered "faulty" and will be retired or sent to the pound if not sold within 2 days of being up for adoption.

Base Coat: Any
Eye Color: Any
White or Tan Markings: Any
Secondary Markings: Any (Note: *Albino or glitch puppies will not be tagged, and must be adopted within 2 days or they will be retired.)
Marking Opacity: 0-100 (may be negotiable and is subject to change at any time)
Total Potential: 150+

--Adoption and Purchase--

So you're interested in purchasing a puppy? That's great! =D All of our adoptable pedigree puppies come with full bellies and are up-to-date on vaccinations. Prices range from $500 to $25,000 depending on the Total Potential, coloring, and breed of the dog. =D

*Adoption and Retirement Note*
Single-colored and/or glitch puppies will almost always be retired or sold to the pound within two days of birth (and will not be dog-tagged) if not sold. Dogs over 250 months old that are in bad health with frequent drops that cannot be helped or prevented (not including immortals or customs) will most likely be retired. Only natural colored dogs will be tagged, with the exception of specific-glitch-coat breedings (as in, I breed a glitch dog to another in order to produce a specific coat color, marking, or total potential, then cross back to a natural coated dog to produce optimum results). Dogs will NOT be retired under the age of 150 months UNLESS stated above. Faulty puppies will be given 2 days to be sold- if they are not, they will be retired. We do not buy dogs to retire for profit.

Studding and Leasing
Stud/lease price is based on average of all skill points. :)

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*🐎♂Kodi🐎*Maxed Foundation (#273182) Border Collie 119.31 months male
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06-9-2015 6:04 AM : You received $2100 from player #14586.
06-5-2015 4:26 AM : You received $12550 from player #14586.
06-4-2015 4:28 AM : Purchased 100 Speed Unlmtd. Chow(s) for $3600.
06-4-2015 4:28 AM : Withdrew $1001125 from the bank.
05-31-2015 8:47 AM : Cured Pride from OTEK 841.64 [NM] for $95.
05-29-2015 11:40 PM : Dog Pride from OTEK 841.64 [NM] is infected with tapeworms.
05-23-2015 8:23 AM : Purchased 1 Fish Oil(s) for $350.
05-23-2015 8:22 AM : Purchased 1 Fish Oil(s) for $350.
05-7-2015 3:50 PM : Cured Weapon At His Side from OTEK 636.98 [NM] for $175.
05-5-2015 8:52 PM : Dog Weapon At His Side from OTEK 636.98 [NM] has mange.

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