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(07-5-2011 at 4:13 AM)
AlexGaskarth ☠
I dont want to hold him forever i really need the kennel space now.

(07-4-2011 at 8:50 PM)
AlexGaskarth ☠
I got Dawson back I'll pit him up for $500 when you are online so no one else gets him :) so sorry again for the trouble ive caused

(07-3-2011 at 5:06 AM)
AlexGaskarth ☠
i am trying to get her back sorry im just in a dilemma because i have no more kennel spots and i cant buy another one for a while because i only have 905$ and i need 13000$ :/ im trying though im sorry for the trouble

Adopt one today!

If you could click these I would be SO grateful!

Adopt one today!

The one below is new I just got it! so it hasn't hatched yet but I am waiting!

Adopt one today!

Hi! I love to Read and Write and I REALLY like to ride horses! I have a horse named Dreamer. She is headshy and only lets girls ride her! (well most girls anyways) Her mother is a champion Dressage horse! and her Father is a chapion Hunter Jumper! I like competing in Dressage comps. with her! I can't post a pic. of her because my camera broke!!! :P But I can post a picture of a horse that looks like her! I will in a minute! My favorite books and series are probably Magyk series Uglies series and the Harry Potter series! Favorite Characters from each
Magyk: Septimus or Jenna
Uglies: ZANE!!!
Harry Potter: Ginny!
ok let me get Dreamer's look alike pic!\

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unkenneled dogs:
Elemental Magic (#54848) Border Collie 11.55 months female
Maxed Gen2 TP 547.11 (#44858) Australian Shepherd 110.16 months female
RESERVED -Dawson- FOR MOONSCALES123 (#68087) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 4.41 months female
Seal (#68090) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 3.60 months male
Tipy Toes INUx (#67228) Siberian Husky 6.36 months female

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