No evil spirits will get past him!
Guardian Lion Statue
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A sacred shrine, tucked away off the beaten path.
Hidden Shrine
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A peaceful place for a rendezvous.
Japanese Bridge
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Welcome to Tangent (#1671)'s profile.
currently: I love Varric Tethras.

Last Seen: 2:07 AM on 04-1-2011, played for 242 days

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Tangent's Side
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(08-30-2013 at 9:44 PM)
You used to be a mod. Where did you go?

(12-6-2011 at 9:49 AM)
Nachtbringer {Bringing the Nacht}
Do you ever breed this dog? http://www.alacritysim.com/dog.php?id=11458 I have a male all white maxed custom too. I've looked at a few pup predicts and they'd make beautiful pups!

(08-10-2011 at 2:56 AM)
PitBull (OTEK Main Breeding and Training)
Wolf guy's name is Koga. Not Kagura. xD Kagura is Naraku's incarnation.

Welcome to Tangent's Mighty Mutt Mansion!

Where Mighty Mutts Are Raised!

Interested in a perfect pup? I am always trying out new combinations with my dogs! Message me if you like black and white dogs! I currently have GSD pairs, Papillons, Borzois and Shelties! Pup prices are always reasonable, and always hagglable! I'll work with you to get your perfect pup. I may also be very interested in items as payment. I am especially fond of flowery rocks, and grasses. ^^

About the Breeder

I raise ALL of my mutts with TLC!

I'm 23 years old, living in Newfoundland, Canada. I moved here in February 2009 to be with my soulmate (whom I met on the internet) and to become Canadian Citizen. I used to live near the Aurora-Chicago, Illinois area. My favorite activities include oil painting, sculpting, and taking care of animals. I adore learning other languages and reading any and all books I can get my paws on about foreign languages. If you speak a foreign language, please feel free to contact me. I adore accents!

Off-Site Places to Reach Me

Totally Bored? Or Just Need Some Help?

Feel free to add me to AIM (EvildoerRyoko), MSN (Ninetales@live.ca), Yahoo (SnailParty@Ymail.com), Skype (NinetalesXiii) and Gryffs (327). I am very frequently online, and I'm rather friendly. Feel free to shoot me a message anytime! ^^

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 0 | Training Sessions: 132
Dogs in "Mighty Mutt Mansion"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
^Al'Tair (#24102) Papillon 44.82 months male
^Dimetrodon (#23566) Shetland Sheepdog 36.33 months male
^Iceberg (#26345) Borzoi 39.84 months male
^La Volpe (#26563) Borzoi 43.38 months female
^Mircalla (#29684) Borzoi 28.29 months female
^Mother Russia (#28447) Borzoi 22.44 months female
^Rusty Venture (#32515) Borzoi 27.84 months male
^Schokolade (#25099) Borzoi 30.84 months male
^Sephiroth (#23408) Shetland Sheepdog 27.51 months male
^Silence of the Lambs (#28374) Papillon 27.45 months female
^Thor (#34359) Borzoi 26.46 months male
^Tiger (#34543) Borzoi 10.35 months female
^Valkyrie (#25034) Borzoi 49.62 months female
^Viktoriya (#33821) Borzoi 21.78 months female
*^Cerberus (#14381) German Shepherd 101.94 months male
*^Count Dogula (#11457) German Shepherd 120.63 months male
*^Fawn (#22805) Shetland Sheepdog 56.01 months female
*^Ginger (#11458) German Shepherd 123.15 months female
*^Guinevere (#24344) Borzoi 53.43 months female
*^Hannibal Lecter (#15685) Papillon 75.75 months male
*^Lancelot (#24345) Borzoi 49.53 months male
*^Medusa (#14380) German Shepherd 104.34 months female
*^Wulfgar (#25029) Borzoi 43.02 months male
Agent Starling (#39246) Papillon 7.53 months female
Allegory (#47871) Papillon 6.03 months female
Blackjack (#41490) Borzoi 0.87 months female
Giraffe (#37815) Borzoi 4.62 months female
Grande (#39685) Papillon 6.15 months male
Juliet (#40688) Borzoi 2.52 months female
Rio (#39682) Papillon 6.15 months male
Romeo (#41508) Borzoi 0.12 months male
Terelle (#39248) Papillon 7.53 months female

Account Type: basic

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