A large wolf approaches from the shadows, casting its blessing on the future generations of your dog. While equipped, your dog is more likely to pass down his or her markings down to their puppies.
Alaskan Wolf
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custom by #12538: A Fiery Lion\'s mane for Siberian Husky\'s.
Aflamed Siberian Lion Mane
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Beautiful decorative designs, so your dog will fit in with the friendly Aboriginal tribes in the Australian outback!
Aboriginal Body Paints
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Mercy ( Naxa ) (#19904)'s profile.
currently: Heroes never die!

Last Seen: 7:57 PM on 09-23-2016, played for 90 days

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(07-19-2016 at 7:16 PM)
reset by player
Mercy is a healer?

(08-14-2015 at 3:26 PM)
Sir FLUuFFFFEH Pah the kitsune

(08-14-2015 at 3:05 PM)
Sir FLUuFFFFEH Pah the kitsune
You are the pyro!

Sometimes people need just a little help to heal.

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 0 | Training Sessions: 12
Dogs in "Baker street"
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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Celestia (#102783) Siberian Husky 48.45 months female
Checkers (#260782) Papillon 107.13 months female
Elie (#100512) Papillon 55.62 months male
Ghost town (#101197) Australian Shepherd 52.63 months male
Kael (#102881) German Shepherd 47.40 months male
Wraith (#104320) Shetland Sheepdog 46.26 months male

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