Happy birthday! Awards random rare item when fed to dog.
Birthday Cake
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A delicious cake for Alacrity's 1st birthday.
1st Birthday Cake
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The African dog with a painted coat, this is a highly social animal that lives in packs, and is an efficient hunter. While equipped, your dog will have maximum Sociality, Self Confidence, and Attention Span.
African Wild Dog
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Welcome to Faline's Side (#20808)'s profile.
currently: Hi! I'm Queen Faline's side.

Last Seen: 10:43 AM on 04-15-2020, played for 36 days

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Hi! All my dogs for sale are held here

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 0 | Training Sessions: 28
Dogs in "My Kennel"
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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Anastasia - keep (#396288) Border Collie 10.56 months female
Colette (#364727) Great Dane 30.36 months female
Cookie Dough (#396668) Border Collie 6.60 months female
Cress (#396289) Border Collie 10.56 months female
Daisy (#396554) Border Collie 9.48 months female
Darius (#364726) Great Dane 30.36 months male
Delilah (#396551) Border Collie 9.48 months female
Delver (#396552) Border Collie 9.48 months male
Dukey (#396287) Border Collie 10.56 months male
Fudge Tracks (#396667) Border Collie 6.60 months male
Jon Snow (#363628) Border Collie 33.84 months male

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