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Welcome to Zeke Carius (#2083)'s profile.
currently: Yush! 217/300 Toads. Am I obsessive? Yush, yush I am. XD

Last Seen: 8:59 PM on 01-5-2011, played for 77 days

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(05-27-2017 at 10:03 PM)
j o c e y 1 9 9 7
for some reason I decided to log onto this website i hadn't played in years, and i remember how close we were and i kinda miss that. 13 year old me was a handful...now the 19 year old me can be thankful i have grown a little..anyways, if theres some odd chance that you happen to log in and see this...please get in contact with me! my instagram is jocebailey my snapchat is hipsta_giraffe would love to see how you're doing

(08-18-2011 at 10:05 PM)
I miss you Zeke. <3

(03-28-2011 at 12:14 AM)
j o c e y 1 9 9 7
im naming one of my hedgehogs zeke...if thats not creepy.

NOTICE: I want your Dead Toads. XD I aim to get 200 dead toads. It's practically my only goal here.=D

About Zeke

Name: I dunno.... how 'bout plain 'ole Zeke?

Age: 17 XP Too old for me, wish I was younger...

Gender: Male
Religious beliefs: I am at the edge of Christianity.
B-Day: April 29. Is that a good thing to be a Taurus?
Fav. sport: I'm more of a soccer fan. I love the British team and Brazil, and was disappointed they didn't get the cup. T.T

Fav color: I'm very partial to navy blue, ooh, and turqoise is nice too.

Fav thing ever: Do I have to answer that? Tea, of course! For strange reasons that I can't explain, tea makes me go crazy. And speakin of tea... -goes to get more-

-comes back to interveiw- Is that what it is now? An interveiw? Whatever, continue with the usual questions young chap

Fav Movie Characters: I adore (to strong?) the Mad hatter and the Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland. I dunno why, I just do (has pictures of them in room XD) I also like Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender Series.

Fav People is RL: My brother Benji, who is currently in Florida finishing his masters in Psychology. Also my best friends at school, without them.. well, lets say life would be less entertaining.

Fav People in VW: Uh, Duh. That'll be Jo. She was the one who had to put up with my sister for a week or two. XD Jo who keeps me entertained whenever I'm online, and enjoys our tea parties, speaking of which, one is scheduled soon.... Back to my mind. I cant always talk to Jo, and dispite she thinks otherwise, her RL stories DO NOT bore me. I enjoy listening, but I do chatter endlessly. XD

Blah!!!: Lol, blah. XD Strange thing to pick. XD Random....>.<

Websites I go on: Mweor (not as often due to their failish economy, sigh. I really liked it there too. Gryffs, with the amazing ID of 911. XD Wajas, not as often, but If you need an Item, I'll sell it to ya, Khimeros, (not as much XP)

News: Going to school next week, so wont respond to any messages till after 3:30 pm EST. Also, sorry for any unexplained differences, what with real Life and all. XP

As for webstuff, I am currently interested in currency trading and Item selling. Just message me.

From me best friend:
From me friend Blackie
Hooray For random Taggies!:

Dogs Put Down: 2 | Dogs Died In Care: 0 | Training Sessions: 18
Dogs in "Tea Party: Have a little Tea?"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Gir (#10573) German Shepherd 39.93 months male

Account Type: basic

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