This magical collar doubles the effectiveness of each training session used when equipped to your dog. Unlimited uses, but effects do not stack even if you equip 20!
Scholar Collar
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Hyenas are highly social animals, and despite many misconceptions, are not full time scavengers, but instead work hard and hunt for their meals, though the small Aardwolf is insectivorous and must forage for its food. While equipped, your dog will have maximum Sociality, Self Confidence, and Attention Span.
Young Defensive Aardwolf
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Welcome to

reιn {queen of the shepherds} (#23002)'s profile.
currently: German Shepherd Queen

Last Seen: 7:33 AM on 12-1-2016, played for 300 days

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Side account:
Rein's Trialers
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(12-12-2016 at 7:37 PM)
Allie {Mrs. Winchester}
((Had to send two doggies back ~ weren't using them))

(11-25-2016 at 9:26 AM)
Allie {Mrs. Winchester}
Missed you like crazy, girl!

(08-24-2016 at 2:03 PM)
Allie {Mrs. Winchester}
Come back home </3

$8,602 Gross Trial Income as of 12-29-2015


Hello, there. Welcome to reιn kennels. I strive to produce AKC standard German Shepherds, and more recently I've started Great Danes. You will find out my standards and requirements, all which will guarantee you the best dog possible; that being said, I will only sell my dogs to quality homes. every dog that will ever be for sale will have 'make an offer' on him. This is to ensure that we are able to inspect the home that is interested in the dog. Countless times my dogs have been neutered or placed in the pound, and the hard work goes to waste.

reιn kennels never breeds dogs before they are maxed, and they're never bred if they're related. You can be assured that any dog that comes out of these line will be top-knotch c: These dogs are all based off of fixed standards that will never change. our german shepherd side of the kennels is greater in numbers at the moment, because I've been breeding them for quite some time now. Only just recently have we decided to breed Great Danes, but you can count on my Danes being just as magnificent as my Shepherds.


qυalιтy over qaυnтιтy

There are many kinds of German Shepherds on Alacrity Sim. Whites, Blacks, Sables, Spotteds, Tans, Greys, you name it. But the most classic, original dog is the Black and Tan GSD. These dogs are beautiful, the way that the markings and colors combine and blend in together. At these kennels, no other Shepherd will be called a reιn Shepherd unless it follows these standards:
- Black and Tan Markings
- Clean Lines
- Absolutely NO White markings
- At Least 30% Black
- At Least 50% Tan

Each Dog is Promised to be:
- A Champion
- Beautiful
- Fairly Priced
- Vaccinated
- Quality

And if not, the dog will automatically be retired, or you will be guaranteed your money back.


Every user on Alacrity Sim is entitled to own one of these dogs. However, if you would like to own one of these dogs, you will have to request one. I will go look into your kennels, check to ensure that none of your dogs have been bred before maxed, and then we can discuss a fair price. When purchasing a dog from me, please do not retire, sell, breed before maxing, or neglect the dog. If any of these things occur, you will be placed on my 'Block' list and you will not be allowed to purchase a dog. Ever again..

By doing this, not only do you tell me that you have no regard for my rules, but that you aren't going to be responsible with a dog I spent a lot of time producing, and that is very disrespectful to me. If you follow all of these requirements, there will be absolutely no problem in purchasing a Shepherd from me. The same goes with the Danes c:

Future Customs

Here are a few custom dogs I have made that I plan on bringing to life in the future.




тнe neхт generaтιon

When a dog is bred here, you know that the offspring will be stunning, quality pups. Here are a few things that you should also know:

No dog in my kennels has ever been bred without being maxed. There hasn't ever been any inbreeding either. The whole goal with each breeding session done is to produce an even more ecstatic pup than the generation before.

I do have studs available. They are maxed and are available for a fee depending on their Total Potential, Confidence, Attention Span, and Sociality.. Before I accept the request I will do a 'background' check of your dogs, your kennel, and your history. If you are known to breed without maxing, if your dog does not have clean lines, or if they are glitched, then stud service will be denied to you.

Here's how it works.
Every litter will have a maximum of four pups because some sort of rabbit will be used. That way we split the pups evenly unless they fall under my standards or yours.
1. I get First pick, you get Second. After that we can talk it out.
2. If the dog falls under my standards it will be retired. When you breed with my studs you agree to this.
3. You may do what you like with your offspring, but I expect that you know that the same rules apply to breeding as they do selling. No selling, neglecting, retiring, breeding before maxing, or any of that with your pups please.
4. All Stud fees are negotiable.

Leasing bitches are also available. I will once again use a pup predictor, and if they are goof looking, we have a deal. Bitch leasing will require a higher fee for services because you get the pups on your side with full control of them. Here are some rules to follow.

1. 4 littered pups. You get 1st pick. I get 2nd and 3rd.
2. All pups that are not apart of my requirements will be retired. I don't care how much you like it. I'm sorry, but it's hard enough proucing quality, and I don't need bad-rated Shepherds tangling with my bloodlines.
3. The picks that I choose are to be tagged by ME. And of course, the pups that you keep are more than welcome to be tagged by you. I see this as a fair compromise.
4. If I decide to sell a pup, I will contact you first about it to see if you are interested in it. I would expect you to do the same for me.
5. I don't need you to vaccinate, I can do it myself, but if you feel that there is an amount that you spent on the pup (Feed, Vacc., etc.) then please let me know in advance, and I will be more than happy to send in the amount needed to cover the costs.

NOTE: I will absolutely, without a doubt, deny any and every request from a glitched bitch or stud.


pυrcнaѕιng polιcιeѕ

So, you've decided you like my inventory enough to purchase one? Well then listen up.
Each dog for sale is listed in the 'Sales' kennel. To esure that every dog goes to an ideal home, these dogs will NOT have an actual purchaseable price on them. Some will have a price as their name, others will say 'Make An Offer', those where will you will negotiate a price with me.

The appropriate way to purchase a dog from me will be by Scribbling or messaging me with the the title is "Dog Offer". You should include which dog you like and how much you are willing to pay for the dog. If I like your offer, I will conduct a background check on your kennels, and if I like what I see, then i will send the dog when you send the money.

If I sell you an animal, you are promising not to retire, sell, pound, breed before maxing, or neglect the needs of it. Failure to do so will result in your privelages of buying Texas Image dogs be terminated. So don't do it.


Reservations are a cheap, easy solution to not having to be lucky to catch a pup. By reserving, you will be put on a list to buy a pup and I will contact you when they are born. If you are interested, please send a message with the title as "Reservations" and state which litter, what gender, and following that send the 1,500$ reservation fee. Below are the Reservations

Important Things

ғor мy ѕcaттerвraιn

- Contact Droc about Army Tag Dog
- Send her Azle, Brut, and Straudt
- Selling ALL pets on CS

Training In Order:
- |TIS| Stadt der Grauen
- |TIS| Die vierte Art
- |TIS| Brut von Lubbock
- |TIS| Einer Der Nur
- |TIS| Gauner 4th Gen
- Training Azle on my own


- Rixon (Black Wolf Core)
- Surgeon
- н'ιρ:sтɛʀ

NOTE: Don't forget to checkup on these guys every now and then

Future Customs

Beauty is Bones Away

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 10 | Training Sessions: 100
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Roxy (#171059) German Shepherd 77.64 months female
Liquidation; $1,000 (#316403) Great Dane 82.62 months female
Liquidation; $1,000 (#314963) Great Dane 50.56 months male
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