A large wolf approaches from the shadows, casting its blessing on the future generations of your dog. While equipped, your dog is more likely to pass down his or her markings down to their puppies.
Arctic Wolf
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Never leave port without it!
Pirate Cutlass
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Be wicked this Halloween!
Witch Cape
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Adaira Fraser (#24782)'s profile.
currently: Go Gaelic!

Last Seen: 4:14 PM on 02-26-2018, played for 278 days

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(08-1-2015 at 3:40 PM)
my training is full right now

(07-27-2015 at 7:43 AM)
Thank you :D, Your name is very nice to. :)

(07-21-2015 at 8:01 PM)
The background's kind of weird, like it's a background and there's still a white background, and the deer crest thing isn't in the middle. :) But the color theme is nice.

:0B610B is my chat color:

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 0 | Training Sessions: 26
Dogs in "Scotland the Brave"
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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Claire Fraser (#298176) Shetland Sheepdog 61.31 months female
Dougal MacKenzie (#302516) Shetland Sheepdog 33.87 months male
Jamie Fraser (#90800) Shetland Sheepdog 59.13 months male

Account Type: basic

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02-26-2018 4:14 PM : Deposited $300 from the bank.
02-26-2018 4:13 PM : You got a Rainbow Cupcake from a Birthday Cake! Happy birthday!
02-26-2018 4:12 PM : You got a Whole Apple Pie from a Birthday Cake! Happy birthday!
02-7-2018 11:57 PM : Happy Birthday Adaira Fraser from Alacrity! You have received a Birthday Cake, which is now in your inventory!

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