A grassy summer knoll.
Hillside Day
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Such a fluffy little things! +1 Energy every 30 minutes
Bleu Du Maine Lamb
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Just having one around makes the place look more classy! +$10 every 30 minutes
Blue Peacock
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(11-3-2010 at 12:46 AM)
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Why are you leaving? :(

(08-22-2010 at 12:07 AM)
Nice dogs :]

(08-4-2010 at 11:24 PM)
I'm sending a bit of ocean your way... mentally. I'm thinking "ocean" at you. Haha. Actually I'm not so excited about it this weekend, there was a shark that went all the way to the beach I saw on the news xDD Ah well! That's just ocean life. Riptide... my fursona... nope. Well, technically not, I always thought fursonas were ridiculous but Avalon drew me the original ocean horse tag and I just get everyone to draw a similar thing now xD

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Dogs in "Pure Tones Kennel"
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unkenneled dogs:
Answer (#7618) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 76.77 months male
Arson (#7734) Border Collie 75.90 months male
Carrion (#7615) Jack Russell Terrier 76.80 months female
Harbor (#13962) German Shepherd 25.11 months male
Tempest (#7811) Australian Shepherd 75.60 months male
Whisper's Echo (#7542) Papillon 77.73 months female

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