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currently: Life is really busy right now, so I may not be around much for a while. See you as soon as I can. :)

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Feral Dustbunny
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(12-16-2011 at 9:13 PM)
Oh thank you for understanding! And Merry Christmas!

(12-16-2011 at 7:14 AM)
Oh shoot >.< I totally forgot, I am so sorry but school has been so busy. I don't think I will be able to finish it :(

I am sorry, I did try to do it but school...ugh, I am so sorry I have to priortise school above this.

(11-28-2011 at 2:01 PM)
When you send me 10k, I'll send the dog

Hello, and Welcome! :)

PLEASE NOTE: I will not breed dogs that are not both maxed.

I will not sell a dog to anyone who I know breeds untrained dogs.

I want to breed dogs that are both high TP and good-looking.

I will rarely produce more than one litter of any particular cross.

If someone requests a breeding that I think will result in ugly or poorly performing dogs,
I will refuse the breeding request.
Please don't be offended - it's not personal.

discover your dog breed @ quiz meme

Notes to self:
1. Lifelong Lockets for Fell and Chameleon?

Dogs Put Down: 2 | Dogs Died In Care: 0 | Training Sessions: 118
Dogs in "Saiorse's Toad Heaven"
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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Cold Comfort*Train* (#105383) American Pit Bull Terrier 16.77 months male
Saoirse's Tirze*Train* (#81761) Australian Shepherd 12.74 months female
Saoirse's Bonita Bone Eater* (#81762) Australian Shepherd 44.24 months female
Saoirse's Tempest* (#65834) Border Collie 140.39 months female
Saoirse's Brillig* (#70688) Border Collie 138.11 months male
Saoirse's Gimble* (#70694) Border Collie 101.75 months female
Saoirse's Borogove* (#70695) Border Collie 60.71 months female
Saoirse's Smudge* (#80583) Border Collie 47.45 months female
Saoirse's Ruaidhri* (#80585) Border Collie 95.46 months male
Saoirse's Zarzuela*Train* (#93476) Border Collie 14.39 months female
Tzigane*Train* (#99250) Border Collie 11.14 months female
Guinevere* (#77859) Shetland Sheepdog 85.05 months female
Saoirse's Flitterbit*Train* (#98324) Shetland Sheepdog 30.69 months female
New Year's Eve* (#72947) Siberian Husky 29.25 months female
Fennic's Opal*Train* (#74331) Siberian Husky 15.72 months female
Fennic's Sakura* (#85468) Siberian Husky 32.46 months female
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