Hmmm....there should be ducks somewhere near...
Riverside Twilight
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Hmmm....there should be ducks somewhere near...
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Welcome to Silverstream(The Chat Gremlin >8U) (#7268)'s profile.
currently: On a plane for 14 hours. I'll be back on the 15th.

Last Seen: 6:26 PM on 08-22-2012, played for 230 days

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(09-29-2012 at 8:41 PM)
Spottedheart [Corgi Breeder]
Such a late reply....
What's up with me? Oh I'm bored. X3

(09-8-2012 at 3:07 PM)
Sure, I'll take 'em back.

(08-30-2012 at 11:51 AM)
PitBull (SmSK Breeding - Side Account)
Yeah I do. :D

This has not been updated since the summer of 2011.
I plan on creating a new layout soon.


Training, Breeding, and Trades

-NOTE- Everything here is closed for the time being


I now have rules for breeding my dogs.

*Your Bitch/Stud MUST be maxed if I am to breed with him/her.

*Message me BEFOREHAND about breeding. Last minute requests may or may not be accepted.

*I will not, under any circumstance, breed with a glitch dog, or a dog with a dye on. I have nothing against glitches, but this kennel is for natural colors. Also, I must see the stud/bitch's fur color, not just what the predicts show.

If you ever need a helping hand training your dog, or getting certain items, please let me know.

- Training:- *Closed for the time being*

*In Kennel
*58 Sessions
*Aviator Cap
*Scholar Collar-selling
*Arctic Fox-rented out by EverAfterCorgis
*Speed Chow/Chicken Kibble
* Trainer's Perk
* Amur Leopard

I'd prefer if you pay 200-250 per click because of what items and companion I'm using, but if you are tight on money, I'll do it for free. I'm pretty easygoing when it comes to things like this =3

Training Slots-
*Affinity's Arapaho-Juwzy's Pegacorn


Sometimes I'll be lurking around alacrity, when I'll an item/companion on someone's wishlist that I have, and am willing to sell/trade to them.

I will only sell for a reasonable price.

I will only trade for an item/companion of equal or slightly greater/less value. I don't want the trade to be a rip off for either of us.
Example of a bad trade:

I'll trade you my Fenghuang for you Arctic Fox.

It may seem like a good trade, but in the long run, isn't. Fenghuangs will give you +20 energy every 5th hour. Sounds awesome compared to a silly little fox, right? Not at all! Arctic Foxes will give your dog +20 energy in 2 hours. +50 in 5. (More when a rejuvenator is used)

*Note to self- Airborn gets a free pittie pup from Ocean Breeze's litter.


About Meeee!

Hi there! I'm Silverstream, but feel free to call me Silver, or whatever else floats your boat. This section is obviously about ME, but I'll include other things too 8D

My personality-
.....well, right now I'm being lazy, and not wanting to update this >:/

My hobbies include drawing, swimming, being derpy, crocheting, being on Ala, reading, and others of the like.

My favorite domestic animals-
Cats, dogs, donkeys, hamsters, chinchillas..etc.

My favorite wild animals:
Wolves(!!!), foxes, African Wild Dogs, Hyens, Cheetahs, Leopards, Black-Footed Cat, lions, tigers, martins, weasels, coyotes, and many many many more.

My favorite cat breed-
Bengal <3 (NOTE: Do not even dare to consider owning a bengal unless you have great experience with cats)

My favorite dog breed-
Pembroke Welsh corgi, for about 4 years now =3

My favorite book series-
Wolves of the Beyond
Guardians of Ga'hoole
(Recently starting) Percy Jackson

Other Books I love:
Doctor Who books. Any and every.
Various animal themed books
Encyclopedias 8D ...don't ask xD

Books I hope to read:
Harry Potter (I'll try it again ;P)
The Hobbit (There and back again) { I tried, but I got bored DX Couldn't get past the 34th page}
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Oracles of Delphi Keep (I MUST read/finish that book when I get back.. then the next >D)
Etc, etc

Animmeeee I've seen-
Wolfs Rain
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
Ginga Densetsu Weed (Sorta :/ Didn't want to finish it)
Soul Eater
Maid Sama

Anime I want to watch-
-One Piece-No x.x
-Fairy Tails-Mehhhbehh
Special A-dhurrrr maybe
Others that I can't remember at the moment o3o

Favorite Anime Characters:
Toboe <3333 (My wolfy)
Soul (My weapon/scythe >D)
Death the Kid (My.. OCD buddy? O.o)
Black Star (The Idiot 8D)
Rikki (The heroic and awesome Japanese Akita 8D)
John (The best anime German Shepherd Ever 8D)
Usui (The... most perfect guy ever 8o)
Aoi Chan (I dunno what to say 8D)
Yukimura (Uhhh....no clue XD)

I will edit this later 8D I'm borreedd now! Byez!

About Silver Willow Kennels

Welcome to Silver Willow Kennels, a place where the graceful and majestic borzois run free.

Our main goal is to produce Top Dawg lines, to create the ultimate, #1, Top Dawg Borzoi.

Our main line has started from our very own, Whisper in the Dark, and Thylacine's Shadow.

We do breed borzios bought from other members, as long as they have high TP. Our most recent breeding was of Forest Pepper and Stolen Moments. They had 2 beautiful 800+ TP pups,both healthy males.

Our Sandy, whose name will be changed, is currently #6 on the Top Dawg list for borzois =D

Night Before Dark entered a Beauty Contest on the 1st of August, and won in the title of "Beautiful Borzois". Congrats to our handsome stud!

Night Before Dark: 2 wins

Silver Dollar: 3 wins

Rockabye Mayhem: 2 wins

Storm Runner: 4 wins

Silver Dollar, Night Before Dark, Rockabye Mayhem, and Storm Runner are our official show dogs. We hope to add more of our dogs to this list <3

Dogs and their statuses will be updated here soon, so keep an eye out =D!

Bye for now! Watch out though- there be monsters lurking in the shadows! >D
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User Records - [ x view more ]
01-15-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Willow`s If I Find Paradise and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Dead Toad.
01-1-2022 11:57 PM : Your dog Willow`s If I Find Paradise and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Pumpkin Collar.
12-15-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog Willow`s If I Find Paradise and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Strange Jack-o-Lantern.
12-1-2021 11:57 PM : Your dog Willow`s If I Find Paradise and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Morning Mist Background.

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