Custom Accessories/Companions:

Message me if you want one and they are out of stock!

Guinea Pig; 12 bones +2 energy every half hour!

Timber Wolves; 4 bones

Nellyfox; 6 bones .

Purple Emperor Butterfly; 5 bones
Nellyfox Plushie Kit; 6 bones

Toad; 5 bones

Baby Nellyfox; 7 bones

3-Qik; 7 bones

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Butterflies; 6 bones

Sunset Background; 7 bones

Nellyfox and Hubby; 25 bones +5 energy every half hour!

Tattered Steve Plushie; 5 bones

Small Pile of Dead Toads; 5 bones.

nellyŠÉ¶'s Shop

A tasty, gooey treat, sure to have your dog licking its teeth for hours!
Candy Apple
2 stacked

A cute Halloween stamp for your dog!
Candy Corn Fur Stamp
An instrument used by Aboriginal tribes, it makes unique, baritone warbling sound!
It looks like your dog has stumbled onto some kind of dinosaur\'s nest!
Dinosaur Nest
A cute little balloon animal made by a carnival clown!
Dog Balloon
2 stacked

A cute little Australian critter!
Eastern Quoll
You're bound to run into strangers on the city streets.
Female Pedestrian
Wayward souls drift with the dark shape of a ship hidden in the mists. Be sure to steer clear!
Ghost Ship Background
The domain of Loki's daughter, Hel, and a realm of the dead in Norse Mythology.
Hel Background
A lazy lioness rests under the heat of the savannah sun.
You're bound to run into strangers on the city streets.
Male Pedestrian
A large green parrot swooping through the sky.
Military Macaw
1 uses left
A festive hat for the new year. 2011
New Year Hat
A bit of jewelry for the fashionable pirate!
Pirate Earring
One of the most recognizable animals of Australia, this roo will guarantee the gender of future generations! Equipped to a female before breeding and during pregnancy, female pups will be born; equipped to the father, male pups will be born!
Red Kangaroo
2 stacked

Two beautiful doves carry wedding bells over the heads of the bride or groom to be at Robyn's wedding.
Robyn`s Wedding Doves
Gives +0.5 drive and +1 health every 4th hour.
Snowy Owl
A cute little puffin that wants to play!
Tufted Puffin
Yellow skies surround!
Yellow Sky
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