Shadow Run
If you'd like a copy of my Shadow the Winged Wolf CA and it's not in the shop - please Scribble me and I'll replenish her c:

She costs 15 bones each copy - and grants +4 energy per hour (:

Shadow Run Kennels [ Silver Shadow GSD's ]'s Shop

Grants -.7 hunger every 30 minutes.
Black Bear Cub
1 uses left
Maxes one random personality trait (sociality, self confidence, attention span), plus -2 hunger.
Marshmallow Peep
1 uses left
Looks like your dog has dug a hole for his mole!
Mole Plush
1 uses left
This wonderfully crafted rose is made of sparkling ruby; a must have for any beautiful dog!
Ruby Rose Barrette
1 uses left
A warm and delicious American treat, from the Spring 2011 bake sale. (-3 Hunger to all dogs in kennel, 5 uses)
Whole Apple Pie
5 uses left
2 stacked

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