Hollywood Boulevard Pawn Shop
I am not responsible for accidental buys and I will not give any refunds.
I often use shop readers but I'm also willing to haggle prices/trade.
There's always something in my shop for everyone.
Always check back I'm always adding stuff.

-Mutant Cat
-Bull Terrier
-Savage Werewolf
-Large Stray dog
-Hel background
-Dragon Bones
-Broken Glass Bottles
-Groom collar
-Black Scarf
-Plague Raptor Attack
-Large Wolf
-Toadstool Circle
-European Polecat
-Confused Stork
-Dead Forest Background
-Spotted Hyena
-White stag
-Black Leather Jacket
-Torn Leather collar

-Scattered Foliage
-Koi pond
-Doberman (red)
- Bhutan Mountains Background
- Attenborough Pitcher Plant
- Observation Platform
- Pine Barrens Background
- Amazon Forest Background
- All Hallows Eve Background
- Black Pegasus Foal
- Black Tipped Shark
- Borneo Forest Background
- Chupacabra Victims Background
- Dark Trees
- Dragno Bones
- Fern Forest Bakground
- Firefly Forest Background
- Galapagos Islands Background
- Goat Horns
- Haunted House Background
- Hel Background
- Ibex Horns
- Inuksuk Background
- Mossy Forest Background
- Mothman Street Background
- Red Satin Background
- Rusty Spiked Collar
- Star Cluster Background
- Pampas Waterfall Background

{♫tate♫}'s Shop

A stick. From a tree.-1 Energy, +1 Mood
A Stick
2 uses left
A fun 'tattoo' for your dog!
Aces Stamp
Train your dog in your own backyard!
Backyard Agility Background
Such a hardcore look for a dog!
Black Leather Spiked Collar
A squeaky, chewy, fun toy!
Blue Bone Chew Toy
2 stacked

Isn`t he cute? (Gives +3 health every 30 minutes)
Camping Dogo Puppy
A beautiful Christmas Cardinal perched contently on a bare winter branch. Christmas 2010.
Cardinal Branch
Gross.-7 Energy, +5 Mood, -10 Health
Dead Toad
3 uses left
A nice, prehistoric collar made of dino bone replicas! Well, you didn\'t think we\'d give you -real- fossils, did you??
Dino Bone Collar
An Eerie Mountain and Quarry Mountain.
Eerie Mountain Background Pack
Pretty feathers drift through the sky.
Falling Brown Striped Feathers
An item to help your dog feel better. At 11:50 each night this item will completely eliminate your dog's accident recovery. (Must still see the vet to gain a recovery time.)
First Aid Towel
The great lunar orb hangs high in the night sky.
Full Moon
What lovely, modest clip-on jewelry!
Gold Earrings
A snazzy bandana for that country look.
Green Bandana
Tasty Halloween candy! Gives +10 mood, and -1 hunger.
Gummy Worms
1 uses left
Hang on to your heart! Valentines 2011.
Heart Balloon
1 uses left
Something to keep the cold away! Christmas 2010.
Holiday Scarf
Christmas is the best time for hot chocolate to chase away the cold!
Hot Cocoa
Every pup needs one
Large White Collar
1 uses left
The cutest Valentines teddy bear! Valentines 2011.
Love Teddy
Looks like you've stumbled onto some bones...some dog bones!
Pile of Bones
1 uses left
What a refreshing sight!
Pink Paw Print Water Bowl
Some precious puppies will keep your dog busy!
Pit Bull Puppies
A cute little ranch dog toy for your dog!
Puppy Plush Toy
A purple haze blends into the sky as the sun settles on the horizon.
Purple Dusk
Just like jolly ol' Saint Nick's! Christmas 2010.
Santa Hat
A tasty piratey treat! +1 speed, -2 hunger.
Seashell Cookie
18 stacked

Allows you to attack once every 10 minutes, instead of 20, for one hour!
Beautiful scenery for romance.
Starry Night Sky Background
Blocks all attacks from landing a successful blow for one hour and gives you 5 points everytime someone attempts to attack you!
Survivalist Backpack
Healthy teeth are important! +5 mood, +5 energy, +10 health.
13 uses left
The best toy of them all.-7 Energy, +15 Mood
Tug Rope
10 uses left
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