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I do off site trades for my CS pets.

kiffell 's Shop

Yummy, let's just hope your dog doesn't eat this!
Candy Corn Plush
Let's just hope the dog doesn't eat his new house!
Gingerbread Dog House
3 stacked

This powerful, beautiful big cat is feeling too lazy to play.
Lounging Golden Tabby Tiger
This powerful, beautiful big cat is feeling too lazy to play.
Lounging White Tiger
The second duck companion in the series. +2 Mood every 30 minutes
Normal Standing Duckling
After all the pet stores have been raided, you have to make your own dog accessories out of strips of leather and rusty nails.
Rusty Spiked Harness
Some precious puppies will keep your dog busy!
Shetland Sheepdog Puppies
A canine friend for your canine friend!
Sitting Saint Bernard
This meticulously crafted topiary sure makes time pass quickly! (Speeds age)
Topiary Boxer
Nature's artistry is apparent in many birds. When equipped to your dog, it guarantees he/she will pass down their eye color to future pups!
White Throated Toucan
Hyenas are highly social animals, and despite many misconceptions, are not full time scavengers, but instead work hard and hunt for their meals, though they aren't above snatching up an easy meal if they can. While equipped, your dog will have maximum Sociality, Self Confidence, and Attention Span.
Young Spotted Hyena
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