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Fine angelic feathers for your little angel. Christmas 2010.
Black Angel Wings
Includes the frosted grass, and far prairie hill.
Blue Sky Background Pack
2 stacked

Tasty Halloween candy! Gives +2 energy!
Bubble Gum
1 uses left
A cute bunny to keep your dog company!
Champagne Rabbit
Gives +3 boost to one random attribute (speed, drive, mood), plus -2 hunger.
Chocolate Cream Egg
2 stacked

A lead to walk your dog with.
Green Lead
1 uses left
3 stacked

A festive hat for the new year. 2011
New Year Hat
1 uses left
Some pretty swirly decorations for Valentine's Day!
Paper Swirl Decorations
Some beautiful flowers to put in a pot or out in the yard!
Pink Hydrangea
3 stacked

A snazzy bandana for that country look.
Red Bandana
2 stacked

Now your dog can be as sly and crafty as a fox!
Red Fox Dye
A rocky hill to lay on!
Rocky Hill
Flowers to add to your flower pot.
Silver Tulips
Bathe your dog in this tub of pink suds. +10 Energy, +10 Mood, +7 Health
Soapy Bath Tub
20 uses left
Every dog gets them sometime in their life. Time to get the tweezers!
1 uses left
Slows the aging of your dog.
Flowers to add to your flower pot.
Yellow Tulips
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