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(09-14-2012 at 9:37 PM)

This thread's purpose is to discuss the changes that have been made to Alacrity tonight. If you are unfamiliar with what's happened, please visit the current news post!

Here's a brief synopsis of what is acceptable for this thread:
• Talk about the age decrease for eligible trial dogs
• Talk about the revised trial payouts
• Talk about increased beauty show payouts
• Talk about increased Frisbee Challenge payouts
• Discussion about a points shop; where it belongs and what you'd like to see.

Of course, all of the same Alacrity rules apply here. If you have criticism, please pose it in a constructive and respectful manner. We LOVE feedback!

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(09-16-2012 at 3:51 PM)

I do not want to turn this into a debate about trial teams, but I view trial teams as a way of cheating.
If your dog is losing in trials on his own, using other dogs to fill the trial so he wins is just unfair. The game of Alacrity is to breed higher and higher and in turn, higher TP dogs will win more in trials.

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Larthan (#8598)
(09-16-2012 at 3:38 PM)

Clayton, after watching bone auctions for several days now, the auto bid (and many of them were auto'd) has been around 200k per bone, so it's already at that point. :/

BB, removing teams was necessary because, if allowed to have teams, every person could win every time and gain as much money per day as they wanted. The limitations are there for a reason, and we're still tweaking things (when frisbee was first changed, we had the win amount set WAY too high, and people were getting hundreds of thousands as you said, but since then we have adjusted it trying to find a good medium) - we're going to be adjusting trial levels so dogs can reasonably reach the levels again and thus, users will be able to reach trial level goals.
We will look into adjusting the entry fee, to reflect the new rewards for trials, however we would like some suggestions other than "change it back" or "you've ruined everything for us" - please, if you have a suggestion for maybe an amount that would be reasonable for the average dog to make it to odie (since odie seems to be, and has always been as far as I'm aware, the average place for a dog to retire), then we can work from that and see if it'd be worth trying.

We knew this wouldn't be a really popular idea. Hell, it wasn't popular among US even, since we trial to earn money too. But we had to look beyond "how much can I make" and try to see the big picture, which was ever increasing asking prices for anything that didn't come from the game, and the eventual increase in prices from the game (again) because of that - and in the end, I believe, it would lead to more new users leaving than staying (which is a problem as-is, because they don't feel they can do anything or afford anything without buying bones with money), and the overall userbase being more unhappy.
That's why I'm asking for you guys to bear with us while we try and make this change for the better.

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(09-16-2012 at 3:05 PM)

In regards to the "why hasn't the monthly shop lowered its prices yet" posts
It doesn't make sense to implement methods of deflating the economy and then immediately lower the shop prices. Let's look at it as if it were a "closing sale" at Wal Mart.
Bad economy: 100 people go into the store with little money ($100 each). They can only buy things at the regular price and leave with way less money than they came in with. They're poor.
Normal economy: 100 people go into the store on a normal day, each holding $500. They buy things at regular prices and leave the store with a little less money than they had. (Considerable amount because all of the prices are original).
Inflated economy: 100 people go into the store on payday, each holding $1000. They buy things at regular prices. They leave the store with more money than the would have if they went in any other day.
Now, say we take the inflated economy scenario (which is what Alacrity is right now) and then WOAH there's suddenly a closing sale at Walmart.
People go in with their payday money and purchase things at HALF of what they would be during the inflated economy, and walk out with way more money than they would have on a day where there was no sale.

I hope that makes sense.
What needs to happen is the cash flow needs to slowly be choked off (which is what is currently happening with trial changes, age limits on trials, etc) until people are back to having the amount of cash that they would have in the "NORMAL ECONOMY". Then, the prices will slowly be adjusted to accommodate the players cash amount.
This is what happened when Alacrity first started getting out of control economy-wise. People had more and more money, the prices slowly rose. Do you guys think $100,000 a bone is bad? Imagine if we don't choke off the cash flow, it could go up to $200,000 a bone.

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Bujhti Bhuta (#5172)
(09-16-2012 at 1:29 PM)

I'm going to try to keep this short and hopefully it will make sense too. (I am sick and sleep deprived x_x )

I wasn't thrilled about the trialing cuts, but I can deal with that. xD However, like others have stated if you're adding the limitations that were voted down, I would really like to see the teams implemented again because fewer people will be able to afford trialing soon which may make it more difficult to trial.

I'm sorry, but I fail to see how cutting trial money while adding insane rewards for frisbee is going to help the economy. :-S Some people are currently getting several *hundred* thousand ala cash per day with frisbee now. o_o How is that beneficial to the game as a whole?

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Larthan (#8598)
(09-16-2012 at 12:02 PM)

Basically what it will come down to is, what can the average user afford. With the way people could easily earn 100k and up in a day of trials... that was a lot. So it's very hard to rationalize exactly why things should be cheaper when there's so much money just sitting around.
Shroom, I understand you probably have a personal goal or something to earn, but... if you feel you can't buy everything, but are going to buy stuff anyway, then rank things based on how much you want them. Favorite items vs stuff you aren't that excited about. I know that there are some items each month that I myself couldn't care less about, while there are always one or two that I would wrestle an angry alleycat for. c.c

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Doom Shroom (#7039)
(09-16-2012 at 9:10 AM)

"pick and choose what I want to do with it instead of impulse buy... but is that necessarily a bad thing?"

Yes, at least for me. It's not like I can do that in RL so it is nice to be able to do it here.

I doubt we'll see a lowering in the monthly shop because I think all those measures won't do a thing but people wanting to hoard more money.

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(09-16-2012 at 5:27 AM)

You have a point Larth. So, this change is temporary until the economy is back in place, or is only the monthly shop's prices going back down ?

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Larthan (#8598)
(09-16-2012 at 5:07 AM)

Please remember, though we have lowered the payout for trials, we will be ADDING rewards in the near future to offset that!

In the case of it not being 'worth it' to trial your dogs for tp bonus now, I don't see why there is such entitlement to get not only the TP bonus but also to make profit with it too.

The problem with the economy is really that everything is starting to cost so much in user shops. If it's not in the general site shops, then new players or even those who've been playing for months have little ability to buy the stuff, meanwhile everyone is getting more and more cash at leaps and bounds ahead of newer users or even older users who don't have capped dogs, which brings more money onto the site. More money from trials = more money to spend = higher asking prices for things such as bones and accessories.

We still plan on lowering the monthly shop prices again, when the economy is at the right place to do so. When users are making less money at a regular pace and the almost two billion dollar active money on site has dissipated to a reasonable amount in relation to the number of active users, when the user asking price for bones goes down to actually reachable levels, then we can talk about actually setting the prices back on the monthly shop.

Until then, no you don't get free alarm clocks. Can't reach your goals you set when you were able to make ridiculous amounts of money? Maybe re-evaluate your goals and set ones that are more attainable with the new limits set up.

Yes, it's a big change, for everyone. I made money from trials too, and now I've gotta pick and choose what I want to do with it instead of impulse buy... but is that necessarily a bad thing?

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Vet tech mama (#14978)
(09-15-2012 at 3:40 PM)

I love the point shop idea:) However I would love to see trials go back as they were with same pay out. I made 580k playing the frisbee toss with my main account of dogs! i was utterly shocked and amazed but i really would like to see the higher pay outs on trails since i am currently going to be training up capped dogs i recently bought and i will be hand maxing them. Or maybe going back to the old way of trialing?

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< (#7356)

(09-15-2012 at 1:43 PM)

I want the old way of Trialing back ... no limit on entries.
As of right now, I barely have 88K in the bank... having a hard time keeping my bank account afloat.

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