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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I buy a dog? / What is a dog slot?
  2. What should I know to Breed my dogs?
  3. How do I feed/play with/groom my dog? How do I raise it's mood/happiness/health? Why can't I _____ with my dog?
  4. How do I train my dog?
  5. What about other items like accessories, backgrounds, and companions?
  6. How do I enter my dog in an agility trial?
  7. Uh oh! My dog got injured!
  8. Do I need to take my dog to the vet?
  9. What will happen to my dogs when I am away? Is there a vacation mode I can set?
  10. Why should I upgrade my account? / Do I HAVE to upgrade to play?

Question: How do I buy a dog? / What is a dog slot?

Answer: Go to Earthly Goods > Foundation Auctions. There is an auction system that allows one random breed of five (5) puppies to appear in auction for six (6) hours. These dog's are foundation, meaning they have no parents, and no lineage on Alacrity. They are brand new line's

Try buying a dog from another player via Earthly Goods > Auctions > Dog Auctions instead.

You can also try going to Life > The Pound if you are looking for a dog and want one immediately. These dog's have been placed here either by their owner's choice, or because they ran away from their owner and were not claimed. All pound dog's cost $500 and are spayed or neutered automatically. While they can not be used for breeding, they are still able to be trained and trialed like all other dogs on Alacrity. Rescue one today!

If you cannot find one there you like, you can wait until the new auctions, search for dogs for sale by other players, get a custom dog, you have many choices! Newly released breeds will only be available in the Custom Tool for their first two (2) weeks. After that they will be rotated into the Foundation Auctions like all other breeds.

Each dog takes up one dog slot (puppies under the age of 2 months share a single slot, but once they reach 2 months of age you must have a spot open for them to move into, else they will runaway), you start off with 5 and may purchase more on the kennel page for cash or with bones (site donation credits). Each basic account has the ability to purchase up to 10 more dog slots, for a total of 15, or 15 dogs. See more detailed info on this in the user's guide.

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