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BIG progress

I have finished up the workings of the perk system.

This will allow us to have several new features in the near future.

  • perks( 'effects/buffs'), which can be attached globally, locally (think region/city, like los angeles, or tokyo, etc), users, accounts, and individual dogs.
  • they can be things you purchase, earn or general game environment effects
  • This will be used to make holiday effects, or phase of the moon, weather,

These effects are not yet designed. Only the standard perks will be setup at release of this feature.

other news

shopping is up next. the donation credits will be merged into the general shop, as will monthly shop. That way we can properly maintain/provide new content.

I expect this to be completed by weekend on test.


I'm rewriting the bones purchase system to work instantly (IE, you purchase, you are credited , IMMEDIATELY)
this is also coming soon.

custom tool

after I've finished the above on test, I'll clean this up. My plan is to allow you to include existing artwork from the site AND new user created work into the dogs created.

thats a few weeks down the line.

'Help alacrity is taking a while, but the good news is the reason its taking awhile, is because the features being developed will affect ALL of alacrity's other features. When Help is done, everything else is downhill!

Happy Trails! Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Jul 08, 2022

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Sin Vraal
just wait until I flip over to new system. then donations are very welcome... I'm more of a cash on delivery sort of dude :)

Thank you very much for your appreciation tho!
Posted on 07-14-2022 at 3:07 AM
Man, this is exciting. I never thought I'd see new life brought back into this game. Keep up the good work, and let us know if donations or anything would help you out. I'd be glad to pitch in.
Posted on 07-12-2022 at 9:47 AM


alacrity has periodic slowness issues due to topwebgames inline advertisment. I resorted to an iframe to fix the issue until they get back to me. Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Jul 08, 2022

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So, help alacrity section is coming to a close.

In order to finish this task, I am going to have to make changes to the game mechanics.

For one, I am going to add a generic feature called 'buffs' . colloquially known as 'perks' on alacrity

perks will be able to be added via bones exchange, or accomplishing specified tasks.

perks will now have a duration. any players with existing, permanent perks shall keep them, provided they have logged into their accounts enough.

secondly, the bones exchange will be converted into a regular store. its not going away quite yet, but will shortly after I finish getting the new site life.

Lastly, I will be constructing an events driven system, so that tasks may be added to the game for rewards

This is all kind of important now, b/c the 'help alacrity section' contains many diverse features.

you can hop on over to test and click on 'help alacrity' to see these changes. so far, looking great! Posted by Sin Vraal (#18687) on Jul 05, 2022

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Alcemistnv [567 candy corns]
I'm really interested to see all these changes!! :)
Posted on 07-5-2022 at 4:49 PM
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