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accessories hiding fixed

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Sep 13, 2023
apparently I was asleep at the wheel. the accessories not hiding was actually unfinished code.

fixed now.

ETA friday for phase 1 overhaul of items system looking very good

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restructuring backend in progress

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Sep 11, 2023
**notice : work is complete around the equip and unequip sections of inventory and dogs. it is safe to perform these actions again **

dogs equipment now show full item names as opposed to partial file names previously.

a series of backend database transformations will now commense to migrate away from the old sysem to the new one.
I'll post when its finished. please be careful equipping and removing items in mean time.

afterwards, the items system will be mostly prepared for new features

-new content
-positionable items
-non unique items (more than one accessory of a type)
-above or below dogs in background
-database and image rendering performance increases
-migration of all image assets to its own server set (speed increase, content safety, expandability, redundancy, etc)

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horray, I have a process constructed for managing item effects via configuration instead of running through very messy scripts.

I'll start coding in the entries after I fix up Time Stops.
Posted on 09-12-2023 at 10:17 PM

the is a bug with time stops.

be advised if you equip it, you may not be able to un equip it for a few hours or until tomorrow. I will resolve it shortly

Posted on 09-12-2023 at 5:28 AM

unfortunately, this is going to take a while

I have to go over all the crons and modify them to be 'modern-ish', account for new updates, and organize them

but the good news is the process is straightforward, and afterwards we can have new content. so theres that!
Posted on 09-12-2023 at 3:33 AM

items todo

Posted by

Sin Vraal
(#18687) on Sep 10, 2023
**ALERT: I have begun work on transitioning the database away from the old code. in particular if you notice odd behavior from equipped accessories in general, or time stops especially, please let me know **

after these are cleanly separated, I will begin work on the display of equipped accessories next

ok, working on items, I'm gonna break this down into a few parts.

front end , backend and individual item fixes will be done first, with updates posted in the comments.

a new thread will be started for 'future items'.

my hope / plan is to have a 'santa update' consisting of one or more of the future items ready to go

front end / UI issues:

  • Mass Handle items
  • try to improve user store, maybe add a directory to profile etc


  • database redesign
  • prepare for non unique equippable items, image editor

Items not working:
**note: please post in comments any other broken items
*** all known item bugs are cleared. if you find more tell me so I can fix them!

  • Birthday cakes
  • Magical lifelong lockets
  • Rainbow cupcake
  • Rainbow cupcake platter
  • Breakfast Bagel (box or single)
  • Caffeinated Brownie
  • Entire ultra fancy chocolate cake
  • Magical Rubber Ball
  • Piece of ultra fancy chocolate cake
  • Plate of caffeinated brownies
  • Slice of Apple Pie
  • Whole Apple Pie

future work

  • positionable accessories
  • new items coming,
  • better custom item tools for user developed items.

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I might make it an event hehe.

which of our pups will steal the forbidden donut :)

it can be like tower defense HEHEEHE
Posted on 09-11-2023 at 7:38 AM

I vote either "forbidden cupcake" or "rainbow donut" so it kinda stays close to the theme of the rainbow cupcakes. Forbidden donut seems like it would be something else entirely unrelated.
Posted on 09-11-2023 at 6:19 AM

Rainbow cupcakes have been fixed.
Platters now allow 3 uses instead of changing 3 markings at once.

I'm debating changing this to the 'forbidden cupcake'. but maybe I'll just make an item 'the forbidden donut' instead
Posted on 09-10-2023 at 10:58 PM



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