Thanks for being a part of Alacrity!
Here, have a Triple Bone Special until midnight, 11-29-2015.

Henry Goss: site owner
Carnivale (#6): head/adult dog artist/general manager
Xylax (#11549): puppy/item artist
Nyctra (#288): item artist
Rixon (#16934): item artist
Cord (#5983): item artist
Rabby (#14106): item artist
GeistNoir (#4246): backup artist
Moriarty (#4059): backup artist
Coder (#28582): site programmer/coder
Larthan (#8598): admin
Jackdaw (#12605): admin
ZJ (#1511): admin
Kit (#7244): admin

And all our players, for playing and donating to keep Alacrity going strong!

Past Credits:
Alyssa Davis aka Robyn: former site owner
Kaelizilla (#36): former admin
Wysper (#9): former admin
Sahara (#4)+Sonne (#5): HTML for many of the page designs
Heleasher (#2): former site co-owner, dog breed images, as well as several items on the site.

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