Player #1's Auctions
Name Breed Age SexHighest Bid TypeAction
Foundation Siberian HuskySiberian Husky3.00 monthsfemale0 bonesDogView Auction
Foundation Siberian HuskySiberian Husky3.00 monthsmale0 bonesDogView Auction
Foundation Siberian HuskySiberian Husky3.00 monthsfemale0 bonesDogView Auction
Foundation Siberian HuskySiberian Husky3.00 monthsmale0 bonesDogView Auction
Foundation Siberian HuskySiberian Husky3.00 monthsmale0 bonesDogView Auction
Newborn PuppySiberian Husky9.09 monthsmalen/adog
Thalia TP: 2472.30Australian Shepherd16.05 monthsfemalen/adog
Newborn PuppyCatahoula Cur1.38 monthsfemalen/adog
PatchesAustralian Shepherd18.51 monthsmalen/adog
daneGreat Dane22.59 monthsmalen/adog
★ PhoenixGreat Dane24.39 monthsfemalen/adog
Kazue {Mascot}German Shepherd19.71 monthsfemalen/adog
SELL #1 - MAXEDBorzoi25.44 monthsfemalen/adog
For SaleJack Russell Terrier15.45 monthsmalen/adog
AtlasSiberian Husky24.42 monthsmalen/adog
Black with Brown Points Shetland Sheepdog2.01 monthsfemalen/adog
Newborn PuppyAustralian Shepherd103.26 monthsfemalen/adog
Market Pup #2Borzoi25.44 monthsmalen/adog
RainGreat Dane20.10 monthsmalen/adog
Spayed Female Brown EyedGreat Dane29.64 monthsfemalen/adog
MidnightGerman Shepherd145.02 monthsmalen/adog
Cap Zoi 1Borzoi75.93 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth Lineless Cap GlitchSiberian Husky45.21 monthsmalen/adog
CallieJack Russell Terrier21.72 monthsfemalen/adog
Foundation Shetland SheepdogShetland Sheepdog17.31 monthsmalen/adog
sellPapillon3.45 monthsmalen/adog
Lineless Glitch Cap 2Siberian Husky75.51 monthsfemalen/adog
Ƈσρρєя Ƥєηηу ℱ ℳ 𝟙 American Pit Bull Terrier53.23 monthsfemalen/adog
G2 smooth greenSiberian Husky3.30 monthsmalen/adog
Lineless Glitch CapSiberian Husky27.33 monthsfemalen/adog
DutchieAustralian Shepherd73.32 monthsfemalen/adog
HavenGerman Shepherd10.08 monthsfemalen/adog
Market Pup #7Borzoi25.32 monthsmalen/adog
Newborn PuppySiberian Husky8.10 monthsfemalen/adog
Teal Glitch CapAmerican Pit Bull Terrier63.69 monthsfemalen/adog
Newborn PuppyGerman Shepherd4.26 monthsfemalen/adog
Maxed Tri colour TP:602Shiba Inu79.11 monthsfemalen/adog
jayniBorder Collie10.59 monthsfemalen/adog
Newborn PuppyAmerican Pit Bull Terrier7.08 monthsfemalen/adog
Sherbert (maxed)Pembroke Welsh Corgi236.77 monthsmalen/adog
~2nd Gen Green Glitch~Shiba Inu11.88 monthsfemalen/adog
TP: 798.02Great Dane26.85 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth purple glitch American Pit Bull Terrier10.41 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth Light Pink Glitch CapGerman Shepherd125.19 monthsmalen/adog
Newborn PuppySiberian Husky205.65 monthsmalen/adog
SaleJack Russell Terrier4.83 monthsmalen/adog
For SaleJack Russell Terrier15.45 monthsfemalen/adog
[T/Cap] TideGerman Shepherd37.11 monthsfemalen/adog
for sale - maxed - tp: 286.08Shetland Sheepdog44.31 monthsmalen/adog
JackShetland Sheepdog83.82 monthsmalen/adog
Lineless Glitch 2 (5978)Siberian Husky160.14 monthsfemalen/adog
for sale - maxed - tp: 465.60Shetland Sheepdog71.13 monthsfemalen/adog
Ghost Glitch (5664)Siberian Husky141.42 monthsfemalen/adog
Auction-MaxedAmerican Pit Bull Terrier43.77 monthsmalen/adog
guacamolenibbatoiletGerman Shepherd4.84 monthsmalen/adog
Soulless female ;DSiberian Husky73.50 monthsfemalen/adog
TP:470 MAXEDShiba Inu132.25 monthsmalen/adog
Newborn PuppySiberian Husky205.62 monthsfemalen/adog
TP:1834 78% trainedShetland Sheepdog96.19 monthsmalen/adog
(8999) Miasma (Frozen)German Shepherd8.34 monthsmalen/adog
Gorgeous Ghost Glitch (5674)Siberian Husky62.82 monthsfemalen/adog
Peeker (747)Pembroke Welsh Corgi109.98 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth Lineless Cap GlitchSiberian Husky27.33 monthsfemalen/adog
Oαк Sσяcєяєя ℱ ℳ 𝟙Siberian Husky32.93 monthsmalen/adog
Snow American Pit Bull Terrier17.25 monthsfemalen/adog
Newborn PuppySiberian Husky8.10 monthsfemalen/adog
Plain brown - 100KGreat Dane12.87 monthsmalen/adog
For SaleJack Russell Terrier57.00 monthsmalen/adog
!FOR SALE!Catahoula Cur2.55 monthsfemalen/adog
HollyCatahoula Cur11.07 monthsfemalen/adog
HeptaSiberian Husky1.77 monthsfemalen/adog
for sale - maxed - tp: 153.00Shetland Sheepdog100.17 monthsmalen/adog
Newborn PuppyPembroke Welsh Corgi73.23 monthsfemalen/adog
for sale - maxed - tp: 629.74German Shepherd35.19 monthsfemalen/adog
Kalub (M)German Shepherd49.71 monthsmalen/adog
INSANE RED PURPLE GLITCH!Siberian Husky10.47 monthsmalen/adog
for saleGerman Shepherd2.46 monthsmalen/adog
Sкєℓєтση Ƈяσѕѕιηg ℱ ℳ 𝟙 Siberian Husky98.46 monthsfemalen/adog
Black with brown points Shetland Sheepdog2.01 monthsfemalen/adog
GiaSiberian Husky1.77 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth Purple Glitch (5844)Siberian Husky88.35 monthsfemalen/adog
!FOR SALE!Catahoula Cur2.55 monthsfemalen/adog
Lineless Glitch (5682)Siberian Husky62.82 monthsmalen/adog
★ GDBs Tess {M} ★Great Dane33.76 monthsfemalen/adog
Beginner trained 1Catahoula Cur13.26 monthsmalen/adog
sellPapillon3.45 monthsmalen/adog
*rusty brown female Siberian Husky22.35 monthsfemalen/adog
TP:419 MaxedShiba Inu104.61 monthsmalen/adog
VelourGerman Shepherd27.81 monthsmalen/adog
Hαzєℓ ☽ (TP: 288.48)Great Dane98.16 monthsfemalen/adog
Smooth Pinks Glitch CapGerman Shepherd125.19 monthsmalen/adog
Near Cap Ghost Glitch (8992)Siberian Husky186.66 monthsfemalen/adog
♂Zamira 5792Australian Shepherd140.55 monthsmalen/adog
Faint Ghost Glitch Near Cap (8992)Siberian Husky127.14 monthsfemalen/adog
All See Through Glitch (5849)Siberian Husky88.35 monthsfemalen/adog
Emerald {M}Shiba Inu89.23 monthsfemalen/adog
Black/Brown/White Cutie Shetland Sheepdog2.01 monthsfemalen/adog
HurricanCatahoula Cur15.84 monthsfemalen/adog
Maxed Tri colour TP:551 Shiba Inu78.48 monthsfemalen/adog
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