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Valentine's Day Poetry Contest! in Admin Updates


(02-10-2012 at 7:22 PM)

Welcome to the Valentine's Day Poetry contest!

Please submit your poems in this thread!

Theme: Valentine's Day! This is pretty subjective, so have fun :> Just make sure to relate your piece back to Alacrity in some way!
Permitted Wordcount: Up to 800 words. Keep in mind that sometimes short poems are the most powerful!
Poetic Style: Any that you wish! You are allowed to write in Iambic pentameter, haiku, freestyle, whatever you fancy!
Due date: Midnight on Friday, February 17th.
Other rules: Follow the TOS and Rules of the site (this includes that all work must be 100% YOURS). One submission permitted per person! (this is not per account)

First Place: 10 Bones and any two Valentine's Day theme prizes.
Second Place: 5 Bones and any one Valentine's Day theme prize.
Third Place: 3 Bones and any one Valentine's Day theme prize.
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The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

- Friedrich Nietzsche
Posted By
Abercrombie (#21748)
(02-17-2012 at 5:07 PM)

As, I lay upon these fluffed red petals, I dream upon our place,
No worries are layed just played in our heads.

It's Valentine's Day, love, I'm sure you'll get a feeling.

That tingle in our hearts, let's just mingle and hug no tugs for a kiss on you're head...

Is as mellow as a played cello.

Love, it's Valentine's Day.

Posted By

*Kaitie (#16)
(02-17-2012 at 3:50 PM)


A cool hand of wind lay upon our cheeks,
Tinting them as soft as rose petals,
As we tug ourselves closer under Milky Way lights,
It is calm as silence settles.

No words muttered,
Our lips remain bowed,
We take up root on battered rocks,
As it begins to snow.

A small kiss heats between,
We take our fingers and intertwine,
Sound is not needed to say,
Every day you're my Valentine.

*Based on [this] scene.

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Annie Cresta side (#21387)
(02-17-2012 at 2:09 PM)

My love in my heart
I cannot forget
for my valintine
My love he gets
I know that you care
But you didnt share
the love that I used to know
You broke my heart
so cruely
For trying to forget somone you love
is like trying to remember somone you never met

Posted By
Pachuri (#21749)
(02-16-2012 at 11:32 PM)


Sweet Valentine,
Will you pledge
Your heart to mine?

Two as one,
We shall live,
Forever and always,
My Alacrity bride.

On the first day,
Of our lives anew,
You asked if I
Wanted a dinner
For two.

Going out then,
I found out greet news.
The blessings upon us,
The tidings brand new.

For on that season,
We were to have
A quaint litter
Just for me and my Mave.

The sad thing was,
Things were not to last,
A storm began,
And lightning lashed.

Few survived,
And if you did,
You often wished naught,
For whatever you has loved,
Could no longer be sought.

Posted By
Kat0323 (#15640)
(02-15-2012 at 3:50 PM)


Posted By
font face=fantasy">font color=461B7E/font>

(02-15-2012 at 12:22 PM)

St Valentine

Valentine, a priest of old,
Performed marriages in the night.

No marriages he was told,
Ceasar wanted an Army of might.

In a cell dark & cold,
Standing for the right.

He chose to be so bold,
with his pen he writes.

To dear friends he told,
"Do not forget your Valentine".

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Posted By
IsmaielDeath(Moon) (#13875)
(02-15-2012 at 7:56 AM)

The Valentine`s gift

It is Valentine`s Day.
That is why I need a way
To express my love to you.

In the morning I wrote you a beautiful card
But my dogs didn't like the red heart
They bit my written feelings in two.

At noontide I collected some flowers.
After it took me endless hours
A white stag came by and ate them.
All that was left was some green stems.

So in the evening hours,
Under the high birch tree,
In a bed of red tulip flowers,
What I give you, is me.


It really hard to write something in another language. XD Hope someone likes it anyway.^^°

Posted By
Goldleaf (#17669)
(02-14-2012 at 5:39 PM)

Never written love song or had real here it goes!

"What is love?"

Love is the pair of earrings
laying in the corner.

Love is when you touch my hair.

Love is the blue bird
singing a sad song.

Love is what broke me.
Love is what broke
my heart.
Love is what I feel
for you.


"Not Just From a Human"

I squeeze your neck.
You don't complain.

You lick my tears away.
When I cry.

You do that funny face.
To make me laugh.

You snuggle in bed.
When I'm lonely.

And you love me.
When I feel un-loved.


"Love Life"

Life is shaped like a heart.

It curves and dips down.
You can get stuck
At that tip.
But you climb up.

Life is one moment.
Life isn't like anything.
Life is love.

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Posted By
Bea1113-is a christmas tree (#15242)
(02-14-2012 at 11:40 AM)

"Forever More"

A loveless soul
Captivity of lesser par
Dreaming forever more Beyond your own star.

A doveless hollow
Deep within the creveces of your heart
Forever more remain at you begginings to never start

A moonless night
Fracturing the entire beings of your soul
Forevermore remaining the pitty of your lost hope

The restless nights
Spent dreaming of your fate.
Forever more living in a once plesent dream.

Uneven lives lived
By both you and I
Forever more was my happyness to die

Living forever more
A Sheltie by my side
No more kennel slots to live by

By the grace of my lost Alacrity
For I am alive
Yet to Nevermore thrive

For who are thou?
For causeing my greif.
You are the worlds most innocent theif.

Alacrity had caused this most painful sorrow
Alacrity helped me survive
Alacrity has my life to borrow
For without it I might not be alive

(This was about a hypothetical break up because a guy thought this girl was too young and foolish to be with him becaus she played alacrity often. XD)

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Posted By
Jennifer0123 (#12372)
(02-12-2012 at 12:36 AM)

Alacrity Valentine
Everyone loves Ala on Valentine’s Day, The people are chatting, and the dogs get to play!

All the pink dogs are having some puppies, And all the owners are getting called luckies.

People are buying a lot of stuff for backgrounds, And no one is fighting, no one around.

Cupid is flying and giving out toys, For all of the dogs and the girls and the boys.

Cupid is also giving out game points, Hopefully Cupid does not get disappoints.

People are making customs like crazy, No one is acting like they are lazy.

Some people ask if anyone knows, A pink on a dog that comes and goes.

Most people like to make the dog breed Cata Cur, They do not meow, they bark, not purr.

All the heat cookies are getting used up, Everyone wants to get a pink pup.

People want to make breeding customs, Everyone knows there dog is handsome.

They are looking for a maxed dog in heat, The owners hope the pups will be neat.

I run to the auctions to look for a dog, Not for a tennis ball or for a dead frog.

Quickly, I found out about one on auction, I start to bid and I make a concoction.

Later, Valentine’s day is over, There are no heat cookies leftover.

Everyone is now going to bed, Dreamin’ ‘bout Ala, not Uncle Ned.

On the next day, Ala’s back to play. Talking about Easter coming our way.

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