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Ghostie Time! in Suggest Something!
ღShunky~The Fluffy Wolf Pupღ (#6200)
(07-12-2012 at 3:13 PM)

Ok, so, as we all know, the site's peaking 25k players now, and the more people we get the harder it is to get probably the number one desired dog on the site: Ghosties.
It's been quite a while since we've been able to breed ghosties on here. While I don't want that to start happening, I want to say that ghost dogs are rarer with the more people we get, and that I, and other people, think it's about time we had a ghostie auction or an item that made your dog into a ghost.
In the past, I've seen many many players voice their want of ghost dogs and their frustration at how hard it is to get one. When offered the idea that we have an auction for one ghost of each breed on the site, they all agreed, and our reasoning is that it's a great way to drain extra money from the economy of ala, plus I'm sure the site would get tons of donations so that the players could bid on them. To change the coat color would be simple, and they aren't breedable because of the default base coat, so I think it'd be fine to put just nine or ten more ghosts on the site. My reasoning on the numbers are that huskies are no longer even remotely rare in ghost form, and nor are peekers, but I personally think that a ghost corgi without the puppy coloring would be awesome, so wed have all the breeds except huskies (or we could have them, not a problem if we do) and maybe corgis up for auction in ghost form.
As I mentioned earlier, we could do an item that makes your dog into a ghostie rather than an auction and have, say, a limited number of them, like 5 or 6. We could auction or raffle them off, and I think it'd be pretty cool, getting to make any dog of your choice a ghost. The user could use the item n the dog and then post a thing in the IH to have a mod/admin switch the base coat for them, and then there you go! A ghostie of the player's choosing. <3
As I brought this up earlier with one of ala's mods (who has asked to remain anonymous), we had a discussion and agreed that this idea would overall be a smart one as it didn't have any cons to it, only pro's. And I quote:
"It would be easy as pie to make a dog with the wrong coloured base [you used to be able to do this in the custom tool to make a ghost dog]. So there isn't a challenge for coding there. Just make it non passable to the pups and I really think it would be the bee's knees to have. Make a lot of people happy to have nonhusky ghosies wandering about too :>"

So what do you think? Like it? Don't be afraid to criticize this idea, either. Write what you think about it. Support? Great! Don't support? Why not? Explain your thinking. ;D

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ღShunky~The Fluffy Wolf Pupღ (#6200)
(08-11-2012 at 7:09 AM)

Yeah, I got the idea. :/ I've given up. I'd delete the thread if I could. No more posts, please, it doesn't matter anymore.

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Vision || Custom Tool Wizard


(08-11-2012 at 6:39 AM)

No support. Yeah, there's only about 20 on the site (if you want to see a list, I have every one I could locate on my dog Vision's Kiss and Tell's page), but that's what makes them special. Take the rarity away, and their worth would go down.

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(07-13-2012 at 11:55 PM)

I don't think this will be able to be supported on an administrative level due to the fact that it is a bug and it was previously discussed that we do not want to intentionally replicate a bug into the site.

It already causes problems with items and various features such as pup predictor and item previewer. These are features that are not broken and cannot be adjusted to work with the dogs, because the dogs are missing key information necessary to generate those images.

I believe there is a post here from Miss Carnivale as well.

Whilst I realise we are not discussing a mass breeding of dogs but to introduce a small supply, it is still not beneficial for the site as finding other more substantial cash sinks preferably available to all players without creating issues or destroying rarity. I just enjoy hosting an occasional foundation auction as a special festive treat to the community rather than an actual cash sink, (and partially because I love foundation dogs and was sharing that).

If anything I would like to go the opposite direction of increasing item and dog value by discontinuing items rather than re-releasing things frequently, but that is my point of view.

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Alcemistnv [Bunneh Butt Breeder is downsizing!] (#3906)
(07-13-2012 at 6:41 PM)

I don''t think users now are going to udnerstand what happened when the ghosts were released. It was made from a GLITCH.

the easter dogs were dogs that could be designed with customs. Glitch ghost dogs are as the name says, a glitch. Why reintroduce something like that back into the economy? The dogs are extremely valuable now, and as I said in the previous forum, some probably still have issues. Boo (my ghost GSD) would not allow items on her at one point.

I do beleive we were told, when asked if we wanted the dogs to be fixed or to stay as a ghost, that there would probably still be some issues with the coding and such. I'm not sure if this is correct, so please tell me if I'm wrong.

Also, consider that users who own these dogs aren't going to be happy that more ghost dogs are going to be released. They were something that came around once, and whoever got one, got one. Same for Easter dogs. Imagine all the new users who want a "holiday" dog now because "oh, they did it for Easter so they should do it for this month and this month." It's the same as saying "Oh, I missed the 10k teddy bears because I joined after they were given, so they should give them out again to add value to the economy."

Well, that's how i see it anyways.

Also, YES, I feel like this affects me because I have a ghost dog. I feel proud to have a bit of ala that no users can have unless they a. have one themselves or b. is willing to buy off of another user. The rarity is lost is people can just "buy them" off of auctions.

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Rixon (#16934)
(07-13-2012 at 6:15 PM)

Honestly, I'm not going to support this. Ghost dogs were an error on the coding, and I don't think that they should allow that error to return just for the sake of our entertainment.

Sure, a lot of money will go into them, but I just don't like this glitch being released again.

I'm happy with these dogs getting more and more rare as time goes by, it just makes the owners of the ghost dogs more proud to be an owner of one. They might feel like their ghosts are a little less rare if more are released.
That's how I'd feel anyways, if they would be released again. :S

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MizzMalfoy (#11754)
(07-13-2012 at 12:07 PM)

I think that it would be a great idea to have a ghostie auction! Lots of players on the site are interested in them. The Easter dog auction took a lot of money off the site and I expect that the ghost auctions would filter out even more cash/bones. I would definately go for the JRT! <3

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(07-12-2012 at 11:26 PM)

This suggestion has been put forth before. If it is possible to avoid posting duplicates, it would make it easier for me to sort through them.

Though the suggestion was concerning an auction, its core point is bringing back ghost dogs, if you have any further ideas you can add it there, but I do not recognise repeat suggestions as new suggestions. ^^;

Ghost dog suggestion thread.

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⚜⊰ J'aime ⊱⚜

(07-12-2012 at 10:44 PM)

No support. It was an error made in coding, and those who created ghost dogs were unknowingly exploiting a glitch. They are rare for a reason and should remain as such. In my opinion, since it was something that was created in the past, it should remain in the past.

Shunky, the ghost dogs were given a base coat color after Robyn determined what had been causing the problem with the "ghost" dogs. Shortly afterwards, Robyn made it impossible to "delete" base coats. You were given a choice or allowing your dog to remain a ghost or for it to be brought back to normal standards.

As a side note, moderators don't have access to the database. It would have to be administrators switching/deleting base coats :>

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ღShunky~The Fluffy Wolf Pupღ (#6200)
(07-12-2012 at 7:57 PM)

Of course not. Ghosties are made by having a base coat that isn't possible for that breed. All mine have fawn, I believe. How is that deleting the base coat?
And Al, it shouldn't cause problems. I've had Saki forever, and even before I retired her (just to revive her later) I never had a problem with items on her. I'm curious as to why Boo's items no longer work.

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Clayton (=¬ω¬=) (#5484)
(07-12-2012 at 7:40 PM)

The ghost error is a glitch. Also, I don't believe it's possible to simply "delete" the base coat colouring of a dog, that was originally caused by error.

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