The Pound

Hello and welcome to the Alacrity Pound! Here you can adopt dogs that are looking for a new home for a set fee of $500. First, before you adopt a new pet, there are some things you must know. Every dog that is up for adoption here is fixed, which means that they cannot breed. If you do wish to breed your new dog, you can give him/her a Magical Dog Biscuit, which will un-fix your dog, but also change its gender! This means that your gals become dudes and your dudes become gals. Magical Dog Biscuits can be rather expensive, at more than 7 Bones a piece!

The dogs that run away from your kennel when you no longer have enough room come to a special holding place in the pound. Here, you have two weeks to buy back your pup for $500, or else the dog is fixed and placed up for public adoption. Additionally, if you no longer want a one of your pooches, you can send it to the pound so someone else may adopt it!

Dogs that are in the pound for over two weeks are put to sleep (removed from the game). This is done in order to attempt to keep this game as realistic as possible, as well as to keep the pound from overflowing with too many dogs.

Please Note: If your dog comes with any equipped accessories/companions/backgrounds, as soon as you remove them they will go back to the original owner! The items will not stay with you.

Come adopt your new friend today!

Name Age Sex Breed Buy
Dorothy 11.91 female Border Collie
Sell 20.07 male Australian Shepherd
Sell 20.04 male Australian Shepherd
Sell 19.53 male Australian Shepherd
Sell 19.56 male Australian Shepherd
Sell 17.97 male Australian Shepherd
Willow (1524.65) 21.87 female Catahoula Cur
Cassie 57.63 female Siberian Husky
Hershey (pure brown male) 9.51 male Catahoula Cur
Winston 6.60 male Siberian Husky
Newborn Puppy 6.33 female Shiba Inu
Glitch 8.73 male Great Dane
Ghost 20.16 female Siberian Husky
Karma (T) 9.84 female Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Danu (T) 44.01 female Siberian Husky
Doggo 1.44 male Borzoi
Diamond (Sale) 4.53 female Catahoula Cur
73% Maxed Sell 50.79 male German Shepherd
TP 744.00 G3 Clean lines 2.22 female Catahoula Cur
Pink Pittie 10.29 male American Pit Bull Terrier
Max 10.47 male German Shepherd
Newborn Puppy 22.80 male American Pit Bull Terrier
Second Gen. 28.53 female German Shepherd
Cloud (sale) 7.44 female Catahoula Cur
1st gen, basic trained 5.10 female Borzoi
TP 650.26 Gen 3 Even Lines 5.88 female Great Dane
TP 664.66 Gen 3 Even Lines 5.88 female Great Dane
TP 657.46 Gen 3 Even Lines 5.88 female Great Dane
TP 609.86 Gen 4 Even Lines 4.85 male Great Dane
TP 615.86 Gen 4 Even Lines 5.13 female Great Dane
TP 608.66 Gen 4 Even Lines 5.13 female Great Dane
1st gen, basic trained 2.01 female Borzoi
2nd GEN Maxed parents awesome coat 4.50 male Papillon
Wait (496) 2.01 female Catahoula Cur
Newborn Puppy 1.53 female Great Dane
Newborn Puppy 0.51 female Great Dane
Newborn Puppy 0.51 female Great Dane
Newborn Puppy 0.51 female Great Dane
Sell 2.01 male Catahoula Cur
50% maxed 6.09 male Borzoi
Happy 2.01 female Shetland Sheepdog
7/24 0.72 female American Pit Bull Terrier
70/114 0.69 male German Shepherd
70/114 0.69 male German Shepherd
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