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Southern Comfort

About The Kennel

Australian Shepherds are the main focus of Southern Comfort, but Papillons and Huskies are bred here as well, on occasion. Here we breed for beauty, temperament as well as great TP. Every dog is maxed before breeding, as well as given a chance companion to boost TP stats. The breeders perk helps with the boost as well. Every pair is tested to insure the most beautiful pups are produced before a breeding ever takes place. So when you adopt a puppy from SC you can rest assured you are getting the best quality puppy we can provide. We take great pride in our dogs here, our kennels being made up of customs and home bred dogs. Dogs in this kennel will never be inbred, and all lines will be full generation to insure our lines stay clean. Currently we have eight customs, to start up our lines and soon we will have more. Our goal here is to get our pups to the TP cap with our own lines, and no outside influences. We couldn't be further from our goal, but we are working towards it with each day we log in. If you are interested in adopting a SC pup, please refer the the adoptions section where you will find everything you need to know about upcoming breedings, litters and what you need to know about getting a pup from us. We hope you like what you see here at our kennel, if you do deface the profile and let us know!

Thanks for visiting Southern Comforts, have a tail waggin' good day!

Vixen Toreador

About Owner

Well I am Vixen, or Vix whichever is fine. I am 22 years old, and growing older with each day, as are you haha! I reside in the US, and I am a southern'er hence my kennel name. I own a cat, shes solid grey with a little white smudge on her chest her name is Piper. She is my pride and joy, and I tend to spoil her rotten. I spend a lot of my time at work, and don't have much spare time anymore. But what little time I do have I tend to spend it with Piper and lingering here on Ala. I do also read and watch a few movies, or write. I'm not a very exciting person, but can be hyper at times and love to talk, a lot. I come from a family of five siblings not including myself, I am the second oldest. So my people skills are very good as I come from a large family. I have a vast knowlege of animals as my dream from a very small age was to be a vet. Currently I am studying to be a graphics designer as I am very good with electronics. I do draw a bit, in traditional, and digital, there will be more about the in my arts section below. So if you've got any questions about that see below. But I think thats about all you need to know about me for now, if you do have any questions feel free to scribble, or message me. If I happen to be online, you can IM me as well, I don't bite. (:


Info On Sales For Puppies and Items

To be announced.


Info On My Art/Art Sales

To be announced.

Great Danes

Information Regarding My Danes

The Great Danes you will find in my kennel will all be natural coated, I do not like the glitched coats and nor will I own, or breed glitched coats. I've waited sense the day I started playing Alacrity for the Great Dane to join the site, and thus have a high standard for my dogs and any I will get in the future from other breeders. All of my Danes will be given a show name, that fits them perfectly, and if you see they are not named it is because I am working on figuring out their perfect name. This could take minutes, hours days or even weeks. As all my Danes deserve a name that fits them, and not just get slapped with an un-original name like Luke, or Daisy. Their coats will be natural, no glitch or un-natural markings will be given or accepted into my kennel. So if you are looking for a red Dane with some black brindle you've come to the wrong kennel. One of my Danes here, Marmaduke is very special to me as he is imaged off my real life Great Dane, Prince Marmaduke. I sadly had to give up due to financial circumstances.

Now if you are still with me, and would like to know a little more about what I do with my Danes then lets continue. All of my Danes have SC's in their name this stands for Southern Comfort's the kennels name. This means they are either customs I have made for the kennel or were bred from my customs. If you find a Dane here without SC in it's name it is an out of kennel puppy. Which will not happen very often. Danes in my kennel with PK before it's name are from my partner Jax. All of my Danes will be completely maxed before a breeding will take place, there will be no 'tester' breedings done here in my kennel. They will be maxed to assure only the highest quality puppies are produced. Because I not only breed for a beautiful coat, but for temperament and total potential(TP) as well. So if you are looking for a high quality beautiful natural Great Dane puppy, you have definitely come to the right spot. But there is a catch, I will not sell my puppies to just anyone who waltz's in and wants one. There is a forum to fill out, to be CONSIDERED for the purchase of a puppy. So just because you take the time to fill it out and submit it to me does NOT mean you will get the puppy you have requested. This is to insure that all of my puppies go to responsible new owners who will be sure to follow my guidelines of owning one of these puppies I work so hard with.

Dane Partnership

Information Regarding My Dane Breeding Partnership

Jax is a very good friend of this kennel and shares the same standards for her Danes. She breeds natural brindles as well as merle Danes. Her dogs are gorgeous and deserve a look see if you don't find anything you desire from my kennel hop on over to pay her and her lovelies a visit. I will have several dogs from her kennel they will be marked with a PK before their name, so if you see any of those you like head on over to her and see if she has any pups you'd be interested in. Be sure to drop her a scribble when you stop by and let her know, Vix sent ya.

Great Dane Puppies

Information Regarding My Dane Puppies

So you are still interested in getting a Dane puppy from SC and PK huh? Wonderful! Thanks for sticking with us, we work hard to provide the best quality puppies we possibly can. There are some guidelines you will need to be informed of before you fill out your official SC's Adoption paperwork and send it in though. First off, you need to know every Dane puppy we breed will be trained before leaving us, but not completely as it needs to be worked by it's new owner. It will have it's basics done and come vaccinated as well, they are fed with raw beef. It is healthiest for them and insures they grow appropriately for their size. You may feed them what you see fit for them once they are in your care. Their names can be changed as you see fit, but they have, to have a full show name as their sire and dam have. SC does not have to stay in their name but would be appreciated if it did stay. Their training must be completed before you breed them, this is an absolute must if you get an un-spayed/neutered puppy from us. If you do breed these puppies without completing their training you and your side account will be placed on our no sell list. If the puppy is maxed before breeding you will receive 1k in cash for doing so, and yes I will monitor every Dane puppy that leaves my kennel spayed/neutered or not. Also if breeding my Dane puppies, they must never be bred to a glitch. Even if it is a natural looking glitch, I do not want glitched Danes in my lines. If I find you have done so, you will be placed on my no sell list. Not to hard right? Okay good. Also if for any reason whatsoever, you do not want or can not continue to own a Dane you have bought or received from us, please contact us and let us know. We will be more than happy to purchase back the dog for half the price it was sold for. So if you got one for 1000 cash we will buy it back for 500. Reselling our puppies without contacting us about it first will land you on our no sell list for good as well as everything else we've stated previously.

So you think you can follow these simple rules? Still want to purchase a Dane puppy from us? Fantastic, down below will be a forum for you to fill out, it will be reviewed by us and you will receive a reply to your forum in 48 hours regarding your application to adopt one of our Dane puppies. If you are accepted we will discuss prices and transfers of the puppy and payment. If you have been denied, we can discuss why if you would like and you will be put on a list to wait a minimum of two(2) weeks before you can send in another forum for a puppy. We will have a list posted of who has been accepted with a link to their page and the puppy they have adopted from us as well as a list updated daily on our denied, but waiting for re-applying for a puppy, no link to their page will be provided. So now that you've read all the details on how to adopt a Southern Comforts Dane, please feel free to message us with a filled out application or any questions you may have about our up coming breedings and litters.

Great Dane Adoption Forum

Paperwork For Requesting A Puppy Purchase

Remove the parenthesizes after each question you are to answer. Be sure to send the forum to me in a private message, scribbles will be deleted, and ignored.

User Name:
User ID Number:
Side Account: (If you don't have one, disregard.)
Side ID Number: (Again disregard if you don't have one.)
Dane Name:
Dane ID Number:
How Long Have You Been A Member: (How many days/months/years)
How Many Danes Do You Own: (Customs/2nds/3rds Ext)
How Many Dogs Do You Own: (Any and all breeds including danes in your kennel.)
How Often Do You Feed All Dogs: (What type of food and how often do you feel all of your dogs in your kennel.)
How Often Do You Get Online: (Do you long in daily, weekly, hourly)
What Will You Name The Dane: (If you are chosen as this danes new owner what will it's name be? Remember the guidelines.)
Why Do You Want Said Dane: (What do you plan to do with the puppy once you have it? Be detailed in your answer, I love to read so don't be shy.)
Will You Breed It: (If the puppy is left unaltered, unlikely, but if so. Would you breed with a glitch? Or un-maxed dog, or breed said dog before it is maxed?)
Why Should I Consider You: (Let me know what makes you a good owner and why I should consider selling you a Dane puppy. Again don't be shy.)

Adoption Center

Danes Who Have Found Their Forever Home

Allie #26840 adopted SC's Heart Breaker #251229 as well as Secret Passions #251079

Missing my baby Synder..

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 3 | Training Sessions: 154
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Toreador's Blue Fury (#274689) Great Dane 1.17 months female
SC's Dallas Blues (#255365) Great Dane 174.90 months male
Keeper (#273219) Great Dane 54.18 months male
Keeper (#273220) Great Dane 54.18 months male
Demons Changling (#274692) Great Dane 50.76 months male
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Upgrade Ends: 2015-05-22

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01-25-2015 3:48 PM : Vaccinated all my dogs with my own vet abilities.
01-25-2015 2:41 PM : Dog #278748 sold for $5000.
01-18-2015 9:18 PM : Sent Newborn Puppy #285584 to the pound.
01-18-2015 9:17 PM : Sent Newborn Puppy #285586 to the pound.
01-18-2015 9:16 PM : Sent Newborn Puppy #285587 to the pound.
01-18-2015 9:15 PM : Sent Newborn Puppy #285585 to the pound.
01-18-2015 8:14 AM : Vaccinated all my dogs with my own vet abilities.
01-15-2015 11:57 PM : Received a Shop Reader for owning a merchant perk.
01-10-2015 10:24 PM : Vaccinated all my dogs with my own vet abilities.
01-7-2015 6:51 PM : You gave $25000 to player #33215.
01-7-2015 8:53 AM : You received Newborn Puppy the dog (#285585) from player #33215.
01-7-2015 8:53 AM : You received Newborn Puppy the dog (#285586) from player #33215.
01-7-2015 8:53 AM : You received Newborn Puppy the dog (#285584) from player #33215.
01-7-2015 8:53 AM : You received Newborn Puppy the dog (#285587) from player #33215.
01-6-2015 1:33 PM : You gave a Insta-pups to player #33215.

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