custom by #7340: ...being smaller and cloven-hooved, posessing that oldest, wildest grace that horses have never had, that deer only have in a shy, thin imitation and goats in dancing mockery...
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March's monthly ultimate bag - Receive two owl companions, one foreground, and 2 wolf plushes or 2 birds or 2 flower crowns or a random combo, so long as it's still just 2 items.
March 2011 Monthly Ultimate Bag
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custom by #4794: A happy, fluffy little tiger just for you! Ooze's Custom Accessory, Made by user (#11549).
Grinning Golden Tabby Tiger
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Welcome to Azules (#11095)'s profile.
currently: Being awesome and trying to save up money ><

Last Seen: 2:21 PM on 11-5-2014, played for 98 days

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(06-28-2011 at 6:50 PM)
S.h.a.d.e.s of G.r.e.y
You know I won't lD

Well, if you do an offsite trade, technically I will o3o

(06-28-2011 at 6:23 PM)
S.h.a.d.e.s of G.r.e.y
Exactly, where as I spend it on food, silly stuff like that ;D
Just let me give you a little money to save? 8DDD

(06-28-2011 at 6:18 PM)
S.h.a.d.e.s of G.r.e.y
Okay, that's not as bad. But I am giving you some money either way, since I'm not responsible with it anyway xD

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Azalea (#51718) Siberian Husky 50.28 months female
Cadelia (#45901) German Shepherd 63.30 months female
Cruiser (#39814) German Shepherd 62.28 months male
Ghost (#62260) Siberian Husky 57.99 months female
Isles (#49749) German Shepherd 57.39 months female
Snowdrift (#49568) Borzoi 58.68 months female

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