Maxes out a dog's ability in each trial object.
Magical Water Bowl
you own: 0.
Only released for the Amur leopard charity drive. +5 Energy every 30 minutes
Lying Black Amur Leopard Cub
you own: 0.
A fluffy white friend for your dog. +5 Energy every 30 minutes
Arctic Fox
you own: 0.

Welcome to

gaurweth (#11107)'s profile.
currently: Worp worp~

Last Seen: 11:26 PM on 12-17-2014, played for 395 days

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Profile Scribbles! [ x view all ]
(05-29-2015 at 8:19 PM)
Sorry for taking a long time as well! Please message me back ASAP so we can discuss price and time zone <3 He's still here.

(08-8-2014 at 2:39 PM)
Grump {Side}
Hi, I was looking through your CS Wishlist and noticed I had one from September 2012, 3 from Valentines Day 2013, and 2 from Egypt Event 2014. PM or scribble me if you are still looking for these pets. Thank you.


(04-16-2014 at 11:02 PM)
FLOOfeh Ƙ¡ϯϯεƞƨ (Butterbutt)



I am semi quitting so I am trading 15 bones and $7mil for CS pets. My user name on ChickenSmoothie is gaurweth Please contact me there.


Hi and welcome to my page.
Feel free to take a look around!

What I Do Here

I am more of a casual player than I am a breeder but I do enjoy trialing.  I also love to train and dress my dogs up so that I may timestop them and enjoy them forever.

I do have plans to start breeding later though.  I am still deciding what breed I would like to try my hand at. I may, however, stick to trialing.

 If I happen to sell any of my dogs they will be on this account. My side account is more for keeping my pets and for training.


I do offer to train other dogs other than my own.  When I am not training my own I have 50 spare session on my main and 50 spare sessions on my side account, 11131 reserved to sell to others.  Both accounts have both a Scholar Collar as well as the training perk.  The cost is $300 per click, but I may be talked down.  Feel feel to message me and ask.


I do not offer this yet but I am giving it some thought. If I do, it will be to train other's dogs with the bonus of an arctic fox to get more training in a day and a timewarp to slow the aging of the dog.



About Me

Hello!  My name is Liz!

I am a Korean/American who loves everything Korean and Japanese! 

I have an unnatural admiration of Gackt and his guitarist You-san.

My favorite anime/manga is FullMetal Alchemist, my favorite movie is Moon Child and Bunraku.  Jihaku has to rank amongst my favorite books along with anything written by Neil Gaiman.

Favorite series include Fuurin Kazan, Doctor Who, Firefly and Game of Thrones.

I am currently learning to speak and read Japanese while I brushing up on my Korean.

I plan to visit my family in South Korea and travel to Japan.

I am hoping we can get dachshunds on Ala.  I think they are my favorite dog.  It doesn't help that I grew up with them.  XD

I also love snakes.  I have a beautiful Piebald Ball Python whom I love to death.

For now that is it.  If you want to know more feel free to message me!



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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
$$ - Palina (#252198) Great Dane 80.79 months female
ღ Jun ♥ (#69442) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 9.97 months male
ღ Saki ♥ (#110405) Siberian Husky 46.94 months female
ღ Sakura Sky ♥ (#110125) Siberian Husky 48.44 months female
Amethyst Rose (#124247) Papillon 49.26 months female
⊑❷⊒ {Mortal}ⓧ ┇ Glacial Turnpike (#241449) Siberian Husky 65.28 months female
♥Ridge Zombie♥ (#11675)'s Pup (#242829) Siberian Husky 55.14 months female
♥Ridge Zombie♥ (#11675)'s Pup (#242828) Siberian Husky 55.14 months female
Shōkēsu (#221119) Shiba Inu 49.19 months female

Account Type: basic

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