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Welcome to Shadow Run Kennels - Puppy Kennel (#13688)'s profile.
currently: This account holds my GSD pups for sale.

Last Seen: 6:01 AM on 11-9-2012, played for 55 days

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Side account:
Shadow Run Kennels [ Silver Shadow GSD's ]
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(09-3-2012 at 2:58 PM)
Shadow Run Kennels [ Silver Shadow GSD's ]
All puppies on this account [#13688] are for sale - and I'm willing to haggle on all prices. So take a look around, and purchase some perfect pups!

(07-12-2011 at 10:46 PM)
Remedy {Professional Borzoi Breeder}
is dog 68159 for sale?

(06-28-2011 at 4:30 AM)
?? I thought you were buying?

b>Shadow Run Kennels

Home of the future Silver Shadow custom GSD line of exceptional silver and black GSD's

Welcome to SRK - where we breed the finest working German Shepherd Dogs.

I am dedicated to bringing you the best GSD's I can produce. Every generation I bring to life will be better than the last.
It is imperative that I bring each dog to Max Potential [TP] before I breed them - making sure each litter is filled with outstanding GSD's for you. I will not at any time breed a low TP GDS with another. At least one of the parents, if not both, will have over 1000 TP and both shall be maxed, like stated above.

There will /never/ be any line or inbreeding done at this kennel. I will always check over your breed request and make sure that the lines are 100% clean and unrelated to my bitch or stud.
I will not accept any breeding requests from un-maxed dogs!

All pups born will be sold bring up to date on all vaccine's, have full health, be fully fed and at 100% energy level. When you purchase a pup from SRK you can be confident that your pup is top-of-the-line and has superior traits passed down to it.

TP of below 500 ;

$3,000 male or female, add $150 to total sale if blue or green eyes.
Alternate Sale Price: 1 bone per pup

TP of 501-1100 ;

Standard GSD pups will have the Standard Markings - tan over black, black over tan, full black, brown over tan, etc.
Males will be sold for $6,000, females $7,000. If the pup has green or blue eyes, add $500 to total sale.
Alternate Sale Price: 1 bone per pup

Instandard GSD pups will not have Standard Markings - brindle, spots / patches, masks, etc.
Males will be sold for $4,000, females $5,000. If the pup has green or blue eyes, add $500 to total sale.
Alternate Sale Price: 1 bone per pup

TP of 1101+ ;

Please add $1000 or 1 bone to total sale.


(For my personal use only)

Link: my shop

My Adverts;

TONS of recently price reduced monthlies, rares, and companions For Sale in my shop!
All much cheaper than the monthly shop and other users selling on Alacrity! Going fast, and price reduction occured recently, so come an get em!

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Foundation - Chance (Family Pet) (#67015) Jack Russell Terrier 14.85 months male

Account Type: basic

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04-10-2022 11:57 PM : Happy Birthday Shadow Run Kennels - Puppy Kennel from Alacrity! You have received a Birthday Cake, which is now in your inventory!

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