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A collectible flag.
Finnish Flag
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A large mosquito sits suspended in time, in a beautiful nugget of amber all the way back from the time of the dinosaurs!
Mosquito in Amber Pendant
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Derpy Shiba Inu Plush
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Welcome to

ZJ (#1511)'s profile.

currently: "I think the scariest person in the world is the person with no sense of humor." : Michael J Fox

Last Seen: 2:38 PM on 06-23-2014, played for 1340 days

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Side account:
Signy Zombie
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(07-13-2014 at 8:54 AM)
Hi ZJ (:

(02-18-2014 at 1:00 PM)
ℛεЬεℓ ᘉαѵḯgαʈoґ ᗪogṧ
When does the JRT contest end?

(02-14-2014 at 7:34 PM)

Agility Trials Hosted By This Handler
no trials here yet!

Welcome to Trial and Error Kennels

Many of my dogs names come from mythologies, something that's always been a passion of mine to study. The rest are, at best, random. At worst, a temporary name that stuck.

Dave used to be a girl, all of his puppies have two daddies.

Awards won by dogs in shows:
Völsung in Best Custom GSD:

Stolichnaya for Ugliest GSD 2010:


I am always willing to haggle on dogs I have for sale or items for sale in my shop.

I currently have three CAs:

Olli the Octopus
Trinket the Shiba

I'm always looking to buy:
Finnish Flags
GSD customs

About Me

You can call me ZJ. Or Zan or Zander or ZanderJames or Cthulhu. I have several other nicknames from close friends, from Goose to Zboo.

I'm 25 and am currently enrolled at U of Minnesota: Twin Cities, where I am getting a Scandinavian Studies Degree with an emphasis in Finnish and a minor in management. My goal in life is to live abroad someday, hopefully in Finland. It does mean I'm struggling my way through learning another language on my own, but it's exciting. I can say very little now in Swedish and Finnish, so if you are one of our players who can speak that, I'd love to have a short conversation. Very short.

I enjoy all sorts of things, specifically music, getting tattoos and piercings, history, mythology, baking, cooking and reading. I'm a geek and a metal head.

You will find I'm quite broadminded towards many viewpoints, however I do not allow intolerance.

I have a degree in History from UWMadison and have been a lifelong Wisconsin resident until now. That means just about everything you assume about Wisconsin applies to me.

On Alacrity I am excited to be involved with working on the Admin Team and I am in charge of the amazing group that is the site Newbie Helpers. Previously I worked on the Newbie Helper team, both as a member and running it and I loved my time there. I've also spent a long time as a mod, and loved every minute of it, ups and downs. I've been on the site for well over two years and have seen a lot of changes.

I'm a longtime supporter of getting Shibas on Alacrity, since I first joined way back in the day.


An xmas present from ShiNya to me! Done by Gracie #88.

By Ashton #5636 :3

A Shiba for me, drawn by ShiNya #2561

By Rainwolfeh #16354 in commemoration of my adminship. :3

A birthday gift from Wiz! <3

A birthday gift from Ace! <3

My rabbit Toasted Marshmallow who I adopted from Nyctra

Made for me by Lakarr #4657

Linnunrata by ShiNya

Tag, photo courtesy of Linnea Björk Timm at Flickr

Shiba by Poonie #4253 as a prize for Stoli winning the ugly dog contest!

Flower by ShiNya

Banner by Jackii #16222

Image from my Secret Santa 2011

Shiba! by Larthy :3

Tag/Image by Mutt #17304

Full Size Image
Tag/Image by Ash #5636

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 123 | Training Sessions: 552
Dogs in "Trial and Error Kennels"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
All Alright (#260437) German Shepherd 10.35 months female
Brownie (#233849) Australian Shepherd 22.68 months female
Caper (#244329) Border Collie 45.90 months female
CUSTOM Aspenglow Light My Fire (#11849) German Shepherd 999.99 months male
CUSTOM Evlon`s Sortie (#161470) German Shepherd 207.95 months female
Ebola (#254479) Great Dane 27.75 months male
Fair to Middlin' (#260436) German Shepherd 10.35 months male
Got the Blues (#260435) German Shepherd 10.35 months male
Miss Lady (#256374) Siberian Husky 20.67 months female
Munchkin (#259478) Australian Shepherd 18.51 months female
Opus (#259987) Australian Shepherd 19.08 months male
Penicillin (#253725) Australian Shepherd 27.60 months female
Rogue (#190926) Australian Shepherd 96.96 months female
SUPERBOWL CHAMPION BRONCOS (#241747) Australian Shepherd 79.65 months female
T&E APBT | Sirrus (#158009) American Pit Bull Terrier 344.68 months male
T&E AS | Jade (#235979) Australian Shepherd 172.23 months female
T&E AS | Julie (#234881) Australian Shepherd 179.73 months female
T&E AS | Rome (#234880) Australian Shepherd 179.73 months male
T&E BC | Amazonia (#140207) Border Collie 212.91 months female
T&E Shiba | Doge (#243091) Shiba Inu 86.28 months male
T&E Shiba | Grasshopper (#195655) Shiba Inu 310.67 months female
T&E Shiba | Marcy (#195548) Shiba Inu 62.13 months female
T&E Shiba | Meme (#239755) Shiba Inu 107.64 months female
T&E Zoi | Enkla (#248742) Borzoi 49.41 months female
zj (#263053) German Shepherd 8.40 months male
ZJs Dog (#161430) German Shepherd 105.36 months female
Trial and Error: Land of No Return:
Trial and Error: Problem Specific:
Trial and Error: Obtaining Knowledge:
Trial and Error: Experimental Method:
Trial and Error: Basic Strategy:
Trial and Error: Solutions:

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