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Welcome to kelseyrae (#17764)'s profile.
currently: playing Alacrity!

Last Seen: 10:13 AM on 09-25-2011, played for 8 days

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(09-10-2011 at 3:42 PM)
Sure thing! I'll have a sheltie soon, actually :) I do have a corgi as well but I currently have her frozen as her TP is high and I don't have the training sessions to focus on her 100% while attempting to max the others right now

(09-5-2011 at 4:02 PM)
No problem! (: Enjoy her! <3

(09-5-2011 at 8:37 AM)
Okay, sent her over! <3

J'aime #5594 and #5596 and I share an IP address. Only this account and my side are mine.

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SCK`s Rusty Tinge (#76940) Shetland Sheepdog 28.50 months male

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