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(04-26-2014 at 4:02 PM)
NOTE: Please do not Scribble. Message me please.

Agility Trials Hosted By This Handler
no trials here yet!

Commissions are OPEN.

-- Commission Prices --

Slot 1. Open
Slot 2. Open

Uncolored: $1
Colored: $2
Shaded: $3
Unshaded: $7
Shaded: $10

Unshaded: $3
Shaded: $5

Basic(Color+Border or similar): $2
Painted: $5
Painted. High detail: $10

Prices are the same for tags and CA's.
Speed paint videos of your art can be made available for an extra $5.

$1 USD = 1 bone = 100,000 Alacash.
-I may also accept Chicken Smoothie pets, Flight Rising Currency, Items or other offers.
-I am always open to negotiation on prices.
-Please make sure you HAVE the payment on hand BEFORE you commission.

Please do not re-upload or edit ordered commissions without my permission. If you want something I've made turned into something else for you(Tag/Avatars/Gifs' etc) , please let me know first, I will be happy to do so.
I do not like my work re-uploaded to other sites as it is difficult then to prove it is my work, if someone else steals it.


I have four months, to put together enough cash to buy a new home, or at least put a down payment on a new place to rent.

My trailer park was bought over by a company called UMH, and they are kicking everyone out at the end of their lease. Ours ends in four months. We cannot afford the new trailer they are forcing everyone to buy, nor the higher rent they will enforce after the current lease.
In four months, both my mother and I, as well as our many cats will be HOMELESS.
Please, I'm desperate for help; and will draw anything.
I also have 2 Custom Accessory Makers for Cash Sale. $20 each, negotiable. As well as other items both in this game and in real life, including a copy of Pokemon Y for the 3DS as well as many other things.

-- Items for sale --

$0 of $50,000(Cheapest house we can find) raised.

Ala Items:
2 Custom Accessory makers.
Scholar Collars.
Bandana of Youth.
Confused Storks.
Baby Griffins.

Real Life Items:
Pokemon Y(USA. In new condition. Barely played.)
Many customized Monster High Dolls, and some not. In box Skelita.
Large Monoprice Digital Drawing Tablet. 2 years old, works perfectly.
Hand painted raccoon skull.
A LOT of Books including most of the Warriors series.
A LOT of games for nearly every system from Gameboy to Xbox 360 and 3DS.
and a LOT more, just ask, I probably have it, or something similar. I'll even sell my clothes, I have lots of shoes I no longer wear, some of them very nice, summery wedges.

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Dogs in "RingMaster Kennels"
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Account Type: upgraded
Upgrade Ends: 2015-08-09

User Records - [ x view more ]
07-11-2014 11:58 PM : Dog #262857's entry to the Glitch Borzoi beauty show was cancelled and the entry fee refunded.
07-11-2014 5:12 PM : Purchased 100 Natural Kibble(s) for $2000.
07-11-2014 5:11 PM : Purchased 100 Natural Kibble(s) for $2000.
07-11-2014 5:11 PM : Purchased 100 Natural Kibble(s) for $2000.
07-11-2014 5:02 PM : You gave 1 bones to player #18305.
07-11-2014 5:01 PM : You gave Splatter Merle the dog (#268112) to player #34552.
07-11-2014 5:00 PM : You received 1 bones from player #34552.
07-11-2014 4:47 PM : Retired Haunted.
07-11-2014 4:47 PM : You received $1987 in hush-money! Congratulations!
07-11-2014 4:47 PM : Bald Eagle has been removed from dog #268677
07-11-2014 4:47 PM : Scholar Collar has been removed from dog #268677
07-11-2014 3:57 PM : Withdrew $108532 from the bank.
07-11-2014 3:51 PM : Vaccinated all my dogs with my own vet abilities.
07-11-2014 3:11 PM : Bitch #263386 gave birth to a pup.
07-11-2014 3:11 PM : Bitch #263386 gave birth to a pup.

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