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A cuter version of the sacred cats found mummified in Egypt, the treasured companions of those ancient people.
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Welcome to Zick (#19124)'s profile.
currently: playing Alacrity!

Last Seen: 7:05 AM on 04-14-2012, played for 78 days

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Psychosocial Zombie
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(02-14-2012 at 5:38 PM)
Bright glitch 3100+ tp (#98363) hes very pretty:)

(01-10-2012 at 5:15 AM)
Chris, the Rebel Wolf
Awesome! I\'m going to assume from those species you are American? So I can\'t tell you much about the quality of pet shop reptiles in your area. In most cases it\'s better to go from a knowledgeable breeder, however if you have a good petshop in your area, with somebody who can confidently answer questions about reptile care and has healthy, well looked after reptiles, by all means go for a pet store. Same goes for a breeder, they should be able to answer your questions with ease :)

(01-10-2012 at 1:24 AM)
Chris, the Rebel Wolf
Cool what variety are your snakes? I like them, but since I am a big fan of rodents, could never handle having to feed one, so I\'ve never owned one. If you need and Dragon tips, please feel free to ask!

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Brownie (#96618) Siberian Husky 59.73 months female
Lava (#96637) Siberian Husky 60.66 months female
Oreo (#95650) Siberian Husky 55.11 months male
Patches (#97182) Siberian Husky 59.37 months male
TP:781.45/Ghostly pup w/ Brown Markings (#97757) Siberian Husky 54.06 months male
TP:781.45/Pretty w/ Blue-Green Markings (#97753) Siberian Husky 54.06 months female
Very Colorful Glitch (205) (#97681) Siberian Husky 55.02 months male

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06-22-2018 11:57 PM : Happy Birthday Zick from Alacrity! You have received a Birthday Cake, which is now in your inventory!
06-15-2018 11:57 PM : Your dog Lava and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Small Green Collar.
06-1-2018 11:57 PM : Your dog Lava and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Waterfall Background.
05-15-2018 11:57 PM : Your dog Lava and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Black Angel Wings.
05-1-2018 11:57 PM : Your dog Lava and its companion Baby Griffin brought you a(n) Tennis Ball.

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