This stylish cap and goggles inspire your dog to start running trials in your own back yard! Trains your dog +0.2 in a random event every four hours.
Aviator Cap
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custom by #16934: The guardian of nature.
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custom by #69: The world\'s largest land carnivore and the largest bear, as well as a key figure in the material, spiritual, and cultural life of Arctic indigenous people. The Polar Bear is a very beautiful and majestic creature, and this guy in particular is sure to warm your heart!
Cuddly Polar Bear
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(03-19-2014 at 10:53 AM)

(newbie helper)

I have sent it back. :3

(03-15-2014 at 10:21 PM)

(newbie helper)

I think you accidently left a Scholar Collar on my dog you trained. Could you check to see if you are missing one?

(02-17-2014 at 10:41 AM)

(newbie helper)

Money sent. :)


In memory of;

Nightmare. Shetland Sheepdog I rescued.

Red Kisses. Rescued Siberian Husky I bought, already old. Came with Hyena.

Hyena. Rescued Siberian Husky I bought, already old. Came with Red Kisses.

Pumpkin. Will be brought back to life. Shetland Sheepdog I adore.

Tiger. Shetland Sheepdog I bought. My longest-living dog yet.

Blue. Border Collie I rescued from the pound.

River. First ever Foundation Dog I bought. Shetland Sheepdog.

Boomer. Shetland Sheepdog that reminded me of my last real dog.

A Little Insight

I also felt I should say some things about myself.
I'm sixteen years old and I live in Canada, British Columbia and I have many pets. I have one cat, one bunny, two gerbils, a puppy, and two fish tanks.
TV shows I watch include Supernatural, Doctor Who, Elementary, CSI, Adventure Time, Criminal Minds, and I THINK that's it.
I love my fish like I would love a cat or a dog. They all have different personalities and they are amazing. I'm really into photography, too. And if I was good at it, I'd like to make art too. But I'm not good at art.
I'm a very talkative person but I tend to stay to myself on all my websites. I've actually only had online friends once. But ah well, At least I have friends in real life, right? .....Right?

I am currently working to breed every kind of dog here on Ala. I only do natural coats though since I suck at doing glitch coats. They all end up looking ugly >.> So yea, and definitely the Great Danes when they come out. In memory of Disco <3
BONUS: My Awesome Tumblr

PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Cat tickers

Training and Kennels

Hello! I now do dog training. I do have my own dogs to max as well, but I will do your dog before I do my own.
I get on every day unless I am on vacation, or sick. So your dogs will be trained every day.

Services Comes With
Scholar Collars
Energy-Raising Companions
Trainer Perk

1-500 TP:- $6k
500-800 TP:- $8k
800-1000 TP:- $12k
1000-1300 TP:- $15k
Sorry, I don't do anything past that. If you want anything like that, search up Mollymook. She's a great trainer and will have your dog trained in no time. She does up to 8000+ In training.

1. Closed - Me
2. Closed - Me
3. Closed - Me
4. Closed - Vision's of Blue/500.40
5. Closed - Watermark Blues/716.88
6. Closed - Zebra/526.21


What do the Kennels Mean?

Unkenneled Dogs: Unkenneled dogs are waiting to be moved somewhere, or Lacey, my item dog!

Huskies and Shelties: My MAXED huskies and shelties go in these two different kennels. That is where all my breeders are being held!

Training and Training Services: Training is also exactly what it sounds like. That is the kennel of all the dogs I am currently training to be maxed. If you read above, you will know that I do training for other people, but I also do my own dogs there too. Dogs that are being trained that are mine will have (TM) next to their names. This means (Training [to be] Maxed).

The House Pets: Ah, now for the House Pets. The House Pets are all rescues I have rescued from the pound. They are all spayed or neutered, and I have no plans to unspay or unneauter them. I keep them until they die of old age. I take the ugliest ones from the pound, because those ones have no chance, whatsoever, to be bought from the pound. So I buy them so they won't be 'put down'. I know it is a way of keeping the game clean, but it makes me sad. So yea, I buy the ugliest, or the youngest from the pound and I keep them until they grow old and die. Those are my House Pets.

Awaiting Training Spots: This is, once again, exactly as it says. In this kennel you will find all the dogs waiting to be maxed/trained. Only my dogs are the ones you will find here. I am in full agreement if you want to train one of my dogs that are waiting for a training spot to open for me, that would be much appreciated.

Sales!: All my dogs that are for sale go in this kennel. I have many dogs, from maxed to newborn, dogs to puppies, you will find them here!

Pre-Order Puppies and Kennel Rules

That's right! You can now pre-order puppies! You can either look through my dogs and see which are expecting, or you can ask to breed two of my dogs together and get one/more of the pups!

Pre-ordering is $1,000 each for a pup.
Pre-ordering the whole litter is $12,000.

You get first pick of the litter! The puppy will come with tags from me though, and a name, but you get first pick! (And you can always change the name)

If you want the whole litter, however, the pups will get delivered to you with no tags, no name, nothing. It's basically like you've bred them yourself!


Sorry for the shouting. Too many people have bought my dogs just to sell them for way too cheap or way too expensive, or to send them to the pound. I know once you buy a dog, it is 'your' property, but I do not want MY ORIGINAL DOGS I HAVE BRED to be bought only to be put in the pound.
I have my OWN system, where if a dog has not been bought or even asked for when they are free, they will be sent to the pound. There is NO NEED for you to buy one of my dogs and send it to the pound, thank you.
Anybody who does not follow these rules will be BLOCKED from me forever.

A View of the Kennel!

All images I got off Google!

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 14 | Training Sessions: 112
Dogs in "Toxic's Sheltie Breeding Kennel"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Item Dog (Lacey) (#198801) Catahoula Cur 129.24 months female
Great Danes:
Training Services:
Awaiting Training Spots:
The House Pets:

Account Type: basic

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06-16-2014 4:45 PM : 1 White Husky Plushs were purchased from your user shop for $55.
05-24-2014 12:35 PM : Dog #235314 sold for $20000.

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