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Give this item to one of your dogs, to help you create your custom accessory! Your CA must be your own art, or art that you have commissioned and are using with permission. NO PHOTOS OR TRACED IMAGES!
Custom Accessory Maker
you own: 17. [ x send? ]
Though extinct, many people still report sightings of this unique creature. It will boost a dog's energy cap from 100 to 150 while equipped!
you own: 0.
The hungry sons of Fenrir chase after the sun and moon, seeking to devour them! It takes a lot of energy, but thankfully they're willing to share! +6 energy every half hour.
Skoll and Hati
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Welcome to

Wolfkai [Formerly Wolfen] (#55)'s profile.

currently: Is an anime.

Last Seen: 10:06 PM on 12-18-2014, played for 1296 days

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Side account:
The Shadow
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(11-9-2014 at 7:08 PM)
Refugee (Ala's Official Shrink)
Sent her over! Please let me know what you'd like. Sorry to bug you but I'd really like to start on this project before I have to go back to school

(11-9-2014 at 5:54 PM)
Refugee (Ala's Official Shrink)
Well... Alright. It will just take a bit longer. I have school and all, but I promise you'll get both within a week. Depending, are they human? The picture with two characters will take longer. But if they are canines it'll be a bit easier. :)

(11-9-2014 at 5:42 PM)
Refugee (Ala's Official Shrink)
Yes I do :) do you think you can send some references over so I can see what you'd like me to do? Then I'll send my dog right over to your kennel for training.

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All About Wolfen

... because I am interesting

I like Transformers, Anime and Horror.

I will get to writing more about me I promise!

Me and ShiNya! Friends Forever.

Shattered Glass Kennels

... Rules and Requirements

If you are planning on ask for a studding service please read this!

Studding Requirements:
1. Your bitch MUST be the same Gen as my stud.
(That also means if your bitch is the result of uneven breeding lines I will allow a breeding)

2. Your bitch MUST be maxed

3. Your bitch MUST NOT be inbred
(Please check to make sure your bitch is not inbred)

I can also decline a breeding if I am not happy with the pup results using the pup predictor.

Thank You for reading!

Stud/Bitch Equipment Rent:
Wolf Companion: 500$
Effect: More likely to pass down markings down to puppies.

Hyena Companion: 500$
Effect: Maximum Socially, Self Confidence and Attention Span.

Dingo Companion: 500$
Effect: Equipped to the father, male pups will be born and Equipped to the mother female pups will be born.

Toucan Companion: 100$
Effect: Guarantees the eye color of the father or mother.

Mother Nile Crocodile: 1000$
Effect: Grants 100% health and 0% hunger for newborn pups while equipped to your bitch before pregnancy and remains equipped until the pups are born.

Rabbit Companion: 1000$
Effect: Guarantees a full litter of pups.


... I buy and sell


I am looking for someone to design a human character some clothing. The artist should be used to drawing anime.

I am also paying both in BONES and Alacrity Cash for various pieces of artwork.

Subject Matter
There is so much stuff I would love drawn it requires a list. So here's a list!

Canines (Wolves and Dogs) < 3
Felines (House cats and Big Cats)
Birds (Game Birds and Birds of Pray)

Predators (Yautja)

Anime Characters (Cannon and OC)
Animal Monsters < 3

Anime/Manga < 3
Woodblock < 3
Blood and Gore < 3

Now that you know what I am looking for feel free to PM me with the fallowing:

Examples: (Preferably to a DA or Tumblr or anything of the sort were I can see all of your awesome work.)
Strengths: (Since I am asking for a ton of different things tell me what you would be more comfortable drawing or what you have experience drawing.)
Style/Effects: Can you do any of the styles listed? (You do not need to be able to do any of these styles listed. There are just my personal favorite types.)
Price Range: (What amount of Bones/Ala Cash you would roughly like to be payed in. From here we can negotiate on a fair price.)
Have any questions? Send me a private message to get answers fast!

Gift Art

...there is a lot of it



...I stink at organizing

PitaPata Dog tickers

Where to find me:

Lioden: Wolfen (#22868)
(In the process of quitting Lioden)

FlightRising: Sacnite (#39324)

Sonas: Wolfen (#1350)

GaiaOnline: Narakus-Slave

Chicken Smoothie: YokaiWolf (#622270)

Xbox Live: Ask Please if you want to play!

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 1 | Training Sessions: 222
Dogs in "Dark Woods"
- in heat | - up for auction | - up for sale | - up for bone sale | - up for stud| - pregnant dog
Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
☠ Miasma (M) (1Gen) (#270029) Borzoi 171.84 months male
☠ Amethyst (2Gen) (#265450) Borzoi 64.26 months female
☠ Foundation Borzoi (#268170) Borzoi 31.35 months female
☠ Frost (M) (1Gen) (#275739) Borzoi 94.56 months female
☠ Frostbite (M) (2Gen) (#41845) German Shepherd 57.47 months male
☠ Hex (M) (2Gen) (#240980) Border Collie 61.32 months male
☠ Kaldicuct (M) (1Gen) (#181734) German Shepherd 60.69 months male
☠ Kin (M) (1Gen) (#198957) Shiba Inu 332.70 months male
☠ Lugosi (M) (1Gen) (#194041) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 58.35 months male
☠ Prowler (M) (2Gen) (#229797) Australian Shepherd 54.57 months male
☠ Tarn (M) (2Gen) (#213715) German Shepherd 57.45 months male
Leader of the Broken Hearts (#277509) German Shepherd 55.98 months female
Manson (#281926) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 4.86 months female
Newborn Puppy (#283035) Borzoi 8.40 months female
Newborn Puppy (#283032) Borzoi 8.40 months female
Newborn Puppy (#283033) Borzoi 8.40 months male
Newborn Puppy (#283034) Borzoi 8.40 months female
Borzoi Brigade:
Paranormal Pups:

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Upgrade Ends: 2014-12-20

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