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Kit (#7244)'s profile.

currently: The only difference between a Muslim American and a Christian American is Press Coverage

Last Seen: 1:03 PM on 11-19-2021, played for 2060 days

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(04-18-2019 at 2:21 PM)
scribble scribble

(01-19-2017 at 9:58 AM)
mama of 4 little Santa's Elves
Hello Kit I did message your side account but was not sure how much you checked it. I was wondering if you would trade a magic water bowl for a magical life long locket? Just let me know:) Thank you.

(11-28-2016 at 2:06 PM)
love your advert on trials :P

Agility Trials Hosted By This Handler
no trials here yet!

Seriously. It is _literally_ impossible for my inbox to get full so please, to private messages. I absolutely abhor the scribble system.

Hi. My name's Kit. I'm 34, a perpetual student, occasional employee and constant human. I'm an admin here on alacrity, so I'm here to help if you need it.
I'm a thoroughly educated East Coast native. Alacrity is one of 3 jobs I currently hold and the only one I can do on my own schedule, so if you're waiting on a response to something non-urgent, please don't worry, I'm probably just hard at work helping the person who got to me before you. :)

The Shallow Depths of Kit

I believe in a great many things in this life. I believe in doing good, if only to bring good into the world.

I believe in being honest, because obscuring the truth leads only to losing each other and oneself.

I believe in being the least important person in the room, because, if we look out only for ourselves then we each have only one person looking out for us, but if we all look out for one another, than each of us has a world waiting to catch us.

I believe that one should always smile at children. They don't need to know how miserable the world is. Not yet.

I believe this: You are responsible for all the people who love you. You are responsible for all of the people you love.

I believe one must never, ever make someone who cares for them cry. She will never forget it and you will break something fragile within her that can never be fixed.

I believe that I do not have the right to harm others, even if they intend to harm me.

I believe that I do not have the right to harm others, even if they have already harmed me.

I believe that I do not have the right to harm others, but if they intend to harm others, I believe that I have the right to stop them.

I believe that if others are in danger, my morality must be sacrificed to maintain their safety.

I believe I cannot control the world, only my actions in it, and I aim to make them actions of the highest quality, because there needn't be any more misery here.

I am a figment of my own imagination. I am as great as I decide to be.

Nearly 3000 civilians were killed in the 9.11 attacks. Nearly 15,000 civilians have been killed in the war the attacks spawned. In all things, perspective.

Dogs Put Down: 0 | Dogs Died In Care: 213 | Training Sessions: 735
Dogs in "Kitastrophic Kennels"
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Preview Name Breed Age Gender
unkenneled dogs:
Intone (#387903) Border Collie 73.32 months female
Eradie (#366224) Catahoula Cur 59.79 months male
Foundation Australian Shepherd (#388801) Australian Shepherd 42.51 months male
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Blue Jade:

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