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Custom background by Xylax #11549
Ancient Woodland
This stylish cap and goggles inspire your dog to start running trials in your own back yard! Trains your dog +0.2 in a random event every four hours.
Aviator Cap
custom by #11549: It doesn't bite! It just hugs really tight.
Axanthic ball python
4 stacked

custom by #11549: your very own Gus Gus! Woofyhoo.
Basset Hound
custom by #11549: Watch the gentle Blue Heron befrending your dog!
Blue Heron
2 stacked

A chewy snack to get your day started, from the Spring 2011 bake sale. (-1 Hunger, perfect Energy, +1 Drive)
Breakfast Bagel
1 uses left
2 stacked

custom by #11549: Woof Woof I have a pink nose
Bull Terrier
3 stacked

custom by #11549: Get your very own supernatural car :>
Chevy 67 Impala
7 stacked

custom by #11549: All adorbs and ready to hug! (for invisible huskies)
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Custom background by Xylax #11549
Death Room
2 stacked

custom by #11549: Let him roam.
Elder Dragon
custom by #11549: It's not angry, it's just showing off!
Frilled Lizard
5 stacked

custom by #11549: Sitting still, it watches your dog patiently..
Hungry Vulture
5 stacked

custom by #11549: Playful and mirthful little hyena pup.
Hyena Pup
6 stacked

This mythological friend provides a +20 point bonus to your dog's trial score.
3 stacked

custom by #11549: Shh, don't move or it'll fly away!
Leaf Dragon
2 stacked

A very special strawberry-topped dessert, from the Spring 2011 bake sale. (-10 Hunger, +50 Energy, +5 Speed and +5 Drive)
Piece of Ultra Fancy Chocolate Cake
1 uses left
2 stacked

Custom by #11549: Everybody poops.
1 uses left
custom by #11549: Ambushy and hungry! (for invisible dogs!)
3 stacked

custom by #11549: Your very own breed, Shiba Inu! Perfect for invisible dogs.
Shiba Inu
3 stacked

custom by #11549: Watch out for sugar overdose!
Sugar Glider
3 stacked

custom by #11549: Slate Werewolf, a costume perfect for any husky, invisible and visible.
Werewolf - Slate
1 uses left
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