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Welcome to my shop! I usually only sell rarer items. Just message me if a price is too high for your liking and we'll see what we can do with a little bit of negotiation.

Thanks and Come Again!

Mizzy's Shop

Drought has stricken Africa, and the sun has dried up the earth, leaving cracking scars in the parched ground.
African Drought Background
1 uses left
A simple ringbearer's bowtie.
Black Bowtie
A cute little carnival plush for your dog!
Bowtie Bear Plush
Come clear, iridescent bubbles floating through the air.
These little scavengers love to pick up discarded food where they can find it!
Carnival Crows
February 2013 Special: Chinese Zodiac!
Celestial Cobra
April 2013 Special: Chinese Zodiac!
Celestial Rooster
Happy New Year 2013!
City Fireworks 2013
3 stacked

You might not want to navigate this forest at night!
Creepy Forest Background
Turn your dog into a cryptid!
Cryptid Ears
For the dog into digital media!
Digital Art Tablet
Pretty feathers drift through the sky.
Falling Brown Striped Feathers
Beautiful rubies adorn a very fancy necklace for dogs with exquisite tastes.
Fancy Ruby Necklace
For the more daring performer, the flaming hoop is a spectacular circus trick!
Flaming Hoop
A vast, seemingly unending pathway through the snow.
Frozen Path Background
Jagged rocks litter the underworld of Hel.
Hel Rocks
2 stacked

A creepy canine, said to be a harbinger of death.
A beautiful banner your canine knight can carry into battle!
Heraldry Banner
A grassy summer knoll.
Hillside Night
A lonely flock of martins. +2 Health every 30 minutes
House Martin
Delicate snowflakes drift through the air.
Light Snowfall
A huggable little friend!
Monk Seal Plush
An adorable, huggable cryptid!
Nessie Plush
Sharp crags of ice jut over the cold landscape of Niflheim.
Niflheim Ice
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Oh no! What a mess!
Paint Splatters
A pretty plaid leash for your favorite canine friend!
Red Plaid Leash
Hmmm....there should be ducks somewhere near...
Riverside Day
Hmmm....there should be ducks somewhere near...
Riverside Twilight
A handsome collar for a handsome groom, themed for Robyn's wedding.
Robyn`s Groom Collar
1 uses left
The desert is a harsh environment! Better find some water!
Rocky Desert Background
Nature seems to have shed some bits and pieces of itself onto the ground!
Scattered Foliage
custom by #-101: Modeled after Alacrity\'s very own Professor, this cuddly friend will help your dog learn the way of the site! Art by Ehm (#93)
The Professor Plush
A circular growth of cute little mushrooms.
Toadstool Circle
A cute little puffin that wants to play!
Tufted Puffin
3 stacked

Aww, hopefully this poor teddy will get finished!
Unfinished Teddy Bear
A strand of wheat makes for a perfect toothpick out on the ranch.
Wheat Chew
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