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If you try to pet it, you may get cleaned as well! +.01 Speed every 5th hour
Bathing Nebelung Cat
The streets of the city are alive with activity, and you don't want to miss out!
Big City Background
Colorful confetti for Alacrity's birthday.
Birthday Confetti
This pint-sized dragon is much more docile than its larger fire-breathing brethren, swooping playfully around your dog!
Blue Dragonlet
2 stacked

A festive necklace for the new year. 2011
Blue Glow Necklace
A cute pair of bunny ears for easter!
Bunny Ears
2 stacked

The site of a fallen kingdom, ravaged by war, or perhaps consumed by the wrath of a dragon...
Castle Ruins Background
Happy New Year 2013!
City Fireworks 2013
4 stacked

These elaborate reefs provide shelter for many underwater species.
Coral Reef Background
No croc hunter should be without it!
Crocodile Hunter Belt
For the spoiled city dogs!
Diamond Studded Collar
For the spoiled city dogs!
Diamond Studded Leash
These white wings are clean and pristine!
Dove Wings
2 stacked

A misty mountain scene
Eerie Mountain
2 stacked

An Eerie Mountain and Quarry Mountain.
Eerie Mountain Background Pack
The legendary sword in the stone, waiting for someone worthy to wield it.
For the spoiled city dogs!
Fancy Copper Dog Bowl
A prehistoric paradise surrounds you and your dog, along with all the sounds of dinosaurs big and small wandering through the lush habitat.
Fern Forest Background
A pond teeming with fish
Full Koi Pond
Ghost Costume
A spooky decoration for a fun-filled Halloween!
Ghost Lanterns
1 uses left
2 stacked

Wayward souls drift with the dark shape of a ship hidden in the mists. Be sure to steer clear!
Ghost Ship Background
What lovely, modest clip-on jewelry!
Gold Earrings
6 stacked

A decorated harness no hardcore dog should be without!
Gold Studded Harness
It is the fall time of year!
Golden Falling Leaves
2 stacked

Nature's artistry is apparent in many birds. When equipped to your dog, it guarantees he/she will pass down their eye color to future pups!
Gouldian Finch
A beautiful banner your canine knight can carry into battle!
Heraldry Banner
3 stacked

A cute little bird gift for your dog on the holidays!
Holiday Bird
2 stacked

Delicate snowflakes drift through the air.
Light Snowfall
Something to remember me old sunken ship by!
Mini Pirate Ship Model
Fluttering friends for your dog!
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
A peaceful peasant village lies tucked beneath the watchful eye of royalty in the distant mountains.
Peasant Village Background
3 stacked

Never leave port without it!
Pirate Cutlass
Those pests are gnawing through the walls!
Rat Trap
A beautiful red bottom feeder of the deep!
Red Lobster
A pretty plaid leash for your favorite canine friend!
Red Plaid Leash
A spacious forest in which to roam.
Redwood Forest Background
2 stacked

This horned insect is the male of its species, named for its rhino-like head.
Rhino Beetle
Hmmm....there should be ducks somewhere near...
Riverside Night
1 uses left
The desert is a harsh environment! Better find some water!
Rocky Desert Background
A good spot for digging, maybe!
Rocky Ground
A cute horsey!
2 stacked

Build your mighty sand fortress quick before the tide comes in and washes it away!
Sand Castle
Though not literally stars, these small meteors fly through the Earth's atmosphere, creating white hot trail behind them as they burn.
Shooting Stars
Happy New Year 2013!
Silver Confetti
This dye, applied to a dog at night time, makes for a very scary image!
Skeleton Dye
A bit of jewelry for the fashionable pirate!
Skull and Crossbones Necklace
A pond teeming with fish
Small Koi Pond
Tsk! People need to pick up their trash!
Soda Can Litter
Happy New Year 2013!
Now your dog can help direct traffic!
Stop Sign
Time to load up and go for a drive!
SUV Trunk
For every dog that dreamed of chasing stellar squirrels, now they can get a closer look!
1 uses left
Only released for the Amur leopard charity drive.
Temperate Forest Background
1 uses left
Healthy teeth are important! +5 mood, +5 energy, +10 health.
20 uses left
2 stacked

The birthstone of Novemeber
Topaz Earing
A guide to every pirate's dream! A heapin' pile of treasure!
Treasure Map
2 stacked

A lonely tumbleweed, drifting across the dusty ground.
A cute little dinosaur toy for your dog to play with!
Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy
A sort of paradise realm, where the Norse gods were said to go after death.
Valhalla Background
This long eared friend ensures maximum litter amounts for your dogs. Must be equipped to female BEFORE accepting stud request, will not work if equipped after female is pregnant.
White Rabbit
2 stacked

A colorful necklace for your dog!
Wooden Bead Necklace
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