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the Raining dead's Shop

A lovely African butterfly.
African Mapwing Butterfly
That tougher look for the street dog inside
Alley Background
2 stacked

Your dog seems to have wandered off in the city.
Alleyway Background
As the weather slowly begins to cool, the trees undergo a beautiful metamorphosis from green to shades of orange, yellow, and red.
Autumn Background
A curled up ball of cuteness! +1 Drive every 5th hour
Baby Variegated Rat
1 uses left
This cute little fish was won from a carnival game! Take good care of it, and it will give your dog 100 mood while equipped.
Bagged Prize Goldfish
The first duck family companions in the series. +2 Mood every 30 minutes
Black Duck Family
2 stacked

A special friend for your dog! Christmas 2010.
Black Husky Plush
5 stacked

The first duck companion in the series. +2 Mood every 30 minutes
Black Standing Duckling
2 stacked

I hope one of these doesn't bite your dog.
Black Widow Spiders
A flat default BG.
Blue Background
8 stacked

The cutest little accessory for any well groomed dog.
Blue Bows
A pretty little pet for your pet!
Blue Tailed Skink
2 stacked

A beautiful rainbow stretches across the sky.
Bright Rainbow
5 stacked

Creepy or cute? +1 Drive every 5th hour
Brown Rat
1 uses left
Don't underestimate his destructive force just by his size! While equipped, the food fed to your dog will be twice as effective! However, this effect does not carry over to rare or holiday foods. (Does not work with `Feed All` option)
Chihuahua Cerberus
Gives +3 boost to one random attribute (speed, drive, mood), plus -2 hunger.
Chocolate Cream Egg
1 uses left
Have your dog float in a serene heaven of clouds.
Clouds Background
2 stacked

Looks like the tide is coming in! If only you had some surf boards.
Crashing Waves
3 stacked

A Day Mountain and Grassy Knoll.
Day Mountain Background Pack
An adorable group of baby chicks, colorfully dyed!
Easter Chicks
A misty mountain scene
Eerie Mountain
2 stacked

This rat seems friendlier then most! +1 Drive every 5th hour
Elder Banded Rat
4 stacked

This rat seems friendlier then most! +1 Drive every 5th hour
Elder Variegated Rat
The fog rolls in on the warm night air, crickets chirping softly.
Evening Fog Background
3 stacked

Lovely pink blossoms drift quietly through the air.
Falling Cherry Blossoms
For the spoiled city dogs!
Fancy Copper Dog Bowl
An item to help your dog feel better. At 11:50 each night this item will completely eliminate your dog's accident recovery. (Must still see the vet to gain a recovery time.)
First Aid Towel
2 stacked

A spooky decoration for a fun-filled Halloween!
Ghost Lanterns
8 stacked

A flat default BG.
Green Background
10 stacked

A serene pathway bordered by tall, neatly trimmed hedges.
Hedge Pathway Background
A beautiful banner your canine knight can carry into battle!
Heraldry Banner
3 stacked

The barn is warm and comfy for any hard-working dog to rest their tired bones.
Horse Stable Background
Every pup needs one
Large White Collar
3 stacked

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! Christmas 2010.
Little Brown Mouse
2 stacked

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! Christmas 2010.
Little White Mouse
2 stacked

Something to remember me old sunken ship by!
Mini Pirate Ship Model
The fog rolls in on the warm morning air, crickets chirping softly.
Morning Mist Background
3 stacked

A Morning Mountain and Rocky Hill.
Morning Mountain Background Pack
2 stacked

Fluttering friends for your dog!
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
The second duck family companions in the series. +2 Mood every 30 minutes
Normal Duck Family
The second duck companion in the series. +2 Mood every 30 minutes
Normal Standing Duckling
2 stacked

Open this bag to receive two sky backgrounds, one grass, and two prairie dogs!
November 2010 Monthly Ultimate Bag
Every dog loves balls!
Old Tennis Ball
2 stacked

Some pretty swirly decorations for Valentine's Day!
Paper Swirl Decorations
A cute little homemade valentine card. (Valentines 2012)
Paper Valentine
A flat default BG.
Pink Background
7 stacked

An antique toy for your dog.
Polar Bear Pull-Toy
Relax and watch the sunset with your best friend
Porch Background
3 stacked

Awww what a creepy crawly, fuzzy friend!
Red Knee Tarantula Plush
Careful, or you'll poke your eye out! Christmas 2010.
Reindeer Antlers
2 stacked

Some rose petals and candles can never go wrong on Valentines Day, even for canine sweethearts! (Valentines 2012)
Romantic Setting
A cute horsey!
A special friend for your dog! Christmas 2010.
Silver Husky Plush
4 stacked

A decorated harness no hardcore dog should be without!
Silver Studded Harness
A beautiful silver tiara, only fit for queens.
Silver Tiara
2 stacked

The sweet smell of love is in the air! Valentines 2011.
Single Rose
5 stacked

A bit of jewelry for the fashionable pirate!
Skull and Crossbones Necklace
A pond teeming with fish
Small Koi Pond
A gift to all Alacrites who survived and stuck with us during a huge server move that caused tons of bugs and sadly caused some dogs to die. So long as they wear this collar, your dog will receive +5 health every 4 hours!
Survivor`s Martingale Collar
2 stacked

All brand new and untouched by slobber! -5 Energy +10 Mood
Tennis Ball
4 uses left
7 stacked

Try saying
Tie-dye Dye
1 uses left
A guide to every pirate's dream! A heapin' pile of treasure!
Treasure Map
A great place for a vacation!
Tropical Island Background
A traditional fence for your kennel!
Wooden Fence
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